Electronic Cigarettes to Defeat Conventional Tobacco Smoking

Long time and newbie smokers who resist puffing their favorite conventional cigarettes get attracted to TV advertisements about electronic cigarettes. This is the latest revealed study conducted in the US.

Past and current tobacco smokers can now quit their conventional smoking habit after they revealed the different e-cigarette advertisements on TV, according to the published article on Medical News Today. It was revealed that a study published on the Health Communication journal that people who smoke tobacco are now showing great interest to the latest electronic cigars to quit their old habits.

This development is crucial because many companies that produce e-cigarette brands are spending huge for their advertising needs, which the authors of the study stated.

Based on the report of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2014, the United States alone spent between $ 6-18 million to promote electronic cigarettes since 2011. They expect this spending to increase higher in the coming years to help millions of tobacco smokers to quit their traditional smoking.

According to Dr. Erin K. Maloney and Dr. Joseph N. Cappella, the previous market of cigarette felt the significant promotions of the latest e cigarette products because companies spend greatly. This kind of move will certainly attract more and more smokers because they expose themselves to the various commercials that feature unique visual images.

In line with this, Vaperanks.com revealed that the research and development department of PAX are spending time to determine the delivery of nicotine on the available mechanized cigarettes for their upcoming market. When determining the produced cigarettes, the delivered nicotine may contain organic acid (coming from salt) or using salt itself, Adam Bowen stated.

Bowen is the Chief Technology Officer of FAX and they produce quality e-cigars.

The conclusion of the team came after performing reverse engineering to determine the nicotine salts that form naturally from the tobacco leaves. According to James Monsees, they are planning to experiment this latest study to improve the method they use in producing non-conventional cigarettes and continue to attract more smokers worldwide.

To prove the effectiveness of these inventive products to quit conventional smoking, the Medical News Today likewise stated that they are as effective as the available nicotine gums and patches on the market.

Aging: A Ticking Clock

wrinklesMany people don’t really understand what aging means. Some of them think that you simply grow old and the years in your life adds up and wrinkles appear. Some say that aging is related to the diseases that you are experiencing like arthritis, which is said to be one of the most common symptoms of aging. It is true that aging is directly related to your age, the wrinkles in your forehead and the occurrence of arthritis and other diseases, but it is not the only thing that explains the aging process.

Aging is not only focused on the external signs because you will experience aging on the inside as well. Aging pertains to time and it is not only about the time you spent living, but also the time spent by your body. Here are a few of the things that you need to know about aging.

Aging is Pre-programmed and it is Bound to Occur

No matter what you do, it is impossible to stop aging. If you see products on the market saying that they can stop the process of aging, try to avoid them because it is impossible to stop it. You can always find ways to delay the signs of aging, but it is already pre-programmed and it is bound to occur no matter what you do.

Human cells have their own programmed reproductive limit and once they slow down in reproducing or they totally stopped, it means that aging has already started.

Menopause to women and andropause to men can also be considered as a sign of aging. This is an age-related hormone change and once it occurs, it will result to aging.

The decline in your immune system is also pre-programmed and no matter what you do, you will always be susceptible to life-threatening diseases once you start aging. The changes in your body may cause a lot of problems to you, especially the ability of your body to protect itself from diseases. A healthy living may improve your immune system, but you won’t have the same immunity like when you are still young.

Cell Damage can Trigger Aging

If you think that aging only happens when you reach the age 40 and above, there are instances where the signs occur faster than most people anticipated and it is because of cell damage.

All the factors and other diseases that may cause cell damage can speed up the process of aging. You have to remember that aging is always related to your cells and its ability to reproduce and to heal itself in case of damage.

Aging is Different from Person to Person

We don’t experience the same aging symptoms and there are some symptoms that may appear to you that won’t be experienced by other people. Some people develop wrinkles and age spots early, while some develop them when they reach age 50 or more.

Your lifestyle plays an important role in the aging process and if you are living a healthy life, cell damage may be prevented early on and aging can be delayed for a bit. This is the reason why you see young people who already look like they are already on their 50s and there are some who are too old already but look like on their 30s.

Antibiotic Resistance – A Simple Mistake can be Fatal

Antibiotic ResistanceFor many years, the medical and research industry have succeeded in finding ways to treat different strains of virus and bacteria and they managed to solve even the strongest bacteria. However, as new medicines were introduced, new strains of bacteria also emerge and it happens on a regular basis.

Some of the scientists said in the past that there is a serious threat in the future because bacteria with antibiotic resistance may appear again and it will cause a lot of problems around the globe. Basically, the appearance of new antibiotic resistance bacteria is not a prediction anymore because it is already happening in every region of the world. It has the potential to infect anyone at any age in any country.

Antibiotic resistance is a term used to indicate that a certain bacteria has evolved or changed so that antibiotics that are currently used by the medical industry will not be effective to treat infections and this is the most serious threat to public health today.

As you all know, scientists cannot make a new antibiotic unless a new bacteria with resistance suddenly occurs. It means that they cannot make a new medicine for the bacteria before they appear. It also indicates that they have to wait for new bacteria with antibiotic resistance before they start researching for a new medication. The sad truth is that there is a possibility that hundreds or thousands of people are already dead before they can make a new medication.

Dr. Keiji FukudaAccording to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Health Security, without urgent and coordinated action by stakeholders, the world might be headed for a post-antibiotic era where common infections and minor injuries that have been treatable for many years can once again kill innocent lives. He also said that effective antibiotics have been one of the pillars that allowed people to live longer, live healthier and benefit from modern medicine. He said that the people should take significant actions as well to improve efforts in preventing infections.

There are a lot of ways on how people can prevent the occurrence of antibiotic resistant bacteria. People should only use antibiotics when they are prescribed by doctors and if a doctor prescribed an antibiotic, they should complete the full prescription even if they already feel better. You have to remember that most of the bacteria became resistant to antibiotic when they are not fully treated inside the body. If there are any bacteria left in your body after you have been infected, there is a possibility that the bacteria will already have a resistance to the medicine that you previously taken. It is also advisable not to share antibiotics with other people or use leftover prescriptions.

Health workers and various pharmacists can also help if they will enhance infection prevention and control. They should only prescribed or dispense antibiotics when it is really needed and they should prescribe the right antibiotics to treat the illness.

We should help in preventing these antibiotic resistant bacteria from spreading and we should do things correctly to stop this from happening.

Thing to know about your eyes

cataracts low visionSense of sight I thinks is the most important of all the sense man could ever have. Without this said sense, an individual would be clueless regarding to the things around him… Around her… 39 million farther than 285 million visually impaired people are blind; for the time being with reference to 246 presently have low vision.

No wonder why I write this piece of article. You see how spread it was now? Despite the consequences of the improvement geared up in surgical practices in many countries for the duration of the previous ten years, cataract which has 47.9% cases stay behind the leading starting point of visual damage in every single one areas of the globe, not including the urbanized countries. This will only prove that in spite of today’s help of innovation technology, man could not escape some such circumstances.

Just about 90% of populace having visual impaired resides in developing countries. 90% is much like almost all people on the said area. More or less speaking, a predictable 65% of the entire populace who are visually weakened is in the lined of aged 50 and more than, whereas this group of age consists of approximately 20% of the global population. However, out of those figures written above, 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided and treated.

The comprehensive reaction to anticipation of blindness, in excess of the generally current 20 years fields’ advancement embraces the government launching agendas countrywide in order to stop and manage visual impairment, there is what’s more an eye care examination ever more integrated into prime and inferior well being care systems, by way of a center of attention on the condition of services that are accessible, affordable and high value, with the exception of that they also presented movement to up lift consciousness consisting school-centered education and last, stronger global joint venture which contain engagement of the private division as well as social civilization.

One more thing is that older people are great chances of acquiring the said sickness.  As soon as the number of elderly people in a lot of countries of this world steps up, there would be at danger on behalf of people having an age-associated visual impairment. Above and beyond, at hand has been an enormous decrease in blindness-related bad health as part of a major attenuation in the disease. As a general rule, in view of the fact that 1990s the reported visually impairment cases has decreased. This is regardless of becoming old overall elderly population. The said decrease is first and foremost the product of a reduction in visual impairment as of communicable diseases all the way through rigorous community health action.

The same, there are almost certainly 19 million children who are visually impaired by means of the reason refractive faults, on the other hand this condition might be detected furthermore corrected. Then again, abound with 1.4 million are permanently sightless for the rest of their lives, forever as well.
You see? You see the great things about seeing?

The uses of hand Sanitizers, is it good or bad?

hand sanitzersAs you go to grocery store, try to find and buy your personal hygiene different brands of hand sanitizers are on the racks to be displayed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises habitual make use of alcohol-based sanitizers next to healthcare personnel, recording a note that, match up to soap as well as water, alcohol-based sanitizers are easier furthermore more rapidly to use, along with is the root of a smaller amount skin irritation.

There is that thought whether you buy or just cross by. However, according to CDC, the sanitizers in addition are extremely effectual by the side of reducing microbes taking place on the skin. On the other hand, according to a Harvard medical school study, families that make use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel maintain a 59 percent decrease in the spread of gastrointestinal ill health judge against in the company of families that didn’t exercise to use sanitizer.

So you see how important of using hand sanitizers? On hand in a squeeze bottle or else pump, sanitizer gel is alcohol-based along with is used devoid of water. A dime-sized quantity of hand sanitizer is supposed to be spill out and pour on the hands furthermore wiped over every part of hand surfaces until it becomes dry. Then, as you polished it around your bare hands, instants protection is on attendance. Efficient hand-washing together with soap as well as water have to do with scrubbing the fronts along with the backs of the hands moreover involving the fingers intended for not far off from 10 to 15 seconds.

Hand sanitizer is at variance as of antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soap is obliged to be utilized by way of water plus it is marketed in the role of having the capacity to exterminate microbes. On the other hand, study has exposed that at the same time as antibacterial soap does decrease microbes and other microbes, it is no further helpful at doing so than non-antibacterial soap. One of the study done by – the healthy hands, healthy families had included 292 families amid at least one child in day care who were tracked for five months: 155 were given with hand sanitizer as well as hand sanitation educational resources, along with, 137 were not given sanitizer and were offered just with supplies in relation to basic nutrition.

Individuals who were provided sanitizer were informed to put bottles of it in the region of the house together in the bathroom, kitchen plus baby’s room furthermore to spread over it to their hands subsequent to using the toilet, before preparing food, after diaper changes in addition to other proper times. Research examiners of this study called up the families every other week in order to document how much of the sanitizer they had used and get through.

Before, using alcohol only is enough to clash out those bacteria that can perhaps trigger infections but as of today, different germs removal are at hand so that everyone could enjoy using such.

More about this topic at www.who.int

Pregnancy, Contraceptive And Family planning

family planningAll of us are wishing for a good family living. All of us are hoping for a wealthy status in life. All of us wish, hope but do you have any idea on how to? I know there’s so many, but I’ll tell you one. Only one of the many reasons but this one I am talking to, probably the core of everything.

The percent among an unmet necessity on behalf of family preparation is the quantity of women through unmet need for family planning uttered the same as a percentage of women of reproductive age who are married or within a union. The availability and accessibility of family planning through the help of midwives within the barangay and other trained health workers to anyone who is sexually active is really important, most especially in adolescents.

Midwives are trained to provide locally available and culturally acceptable contraceptive method including pills and condoms, sterilizations and many more. Women having unmet need are persons who are productive as well as sexually active although are not using some practice of contraception, along with the statement about not wanting any or further offspring or wanting to wait the delivery of their next baby.

The process of allowing of spacing of pregnancies or even delaying pregnancies in young women is called family planning. It allows women who aspire to bind the extent of their family. Family planning let those persons also couples to look forward to and manage their preferred number of kids together with the spacing and timing of their deliveries. Through the application and use of contraceptive processes along with the treatment of unintentional infertility, it is supposed to be attained.

Young women who are on danger of well being harms, similarly with the casualty as of early childbearing constantly increases. Childbearing young people are more probable to possess preterm otherwise low birth-weight offspring. In the region of there are about 222 million women in developing countries that would be fond of delaying or stopping childbearing however; they are not using whichever method of contraception. Babies that were bear by young people took higher rates of neonatal death. Numerous teenager girls who turn out to be pregnant supposed to leave school.

Some reports revealed that women having four or more than children are in risk of maternal mortality. The capacity of a woman to bound and gap her pregnancies have a straight contact on her physical condition and welfare as well after the result of every pregnancy. Family planning allows individual to formulate information concerning their sexual along with reproductive condition. As a result of dropping rates of unintentional pregnancies, family planning too decreases the call for dangerous abortion. It is capable of preventing intimately spaced along with ill-timed pregnancies and deliveries, which add to several numbers of infant mortality rate around the world.

Alternatively, family planning can prevent pregnancies among young women as well as older women who also faced increased risks. Newborns whose mothers die after giving birth have a bigger threat of loss and poor physical condition as well.

Blindness: the leading disorder for children and elderly

cataracts low visionIt is quite alarming to see seven years old children wearing glasses, for the reason that the said children do not read clearly and are having hard time to try reading more often than not. In addition to this alarming scenario, cataract outbreak is still recording higher cases as an individual older. But, the most disturbing is that, the number of people who became blind gets higher and higher as the generation runs, whether because of nature, environment, physical aspects, or else in born disorder. . Besides, at hand has been an enormous decrease in blindness-related bad health as part of a major attenuation in the disease.

Blindness or the loss of sight is the lack of ability of a person to see, distinguish and perceive things out. Failure of the sense of sight to work is called blindness. 39 million out of 285 million visually impaired people are blind; meanwhile about 246 just have low vision. . Nearly 90% of people having visual impaired reside in developing countries. As the number of elderly people in many countries of this world increase, there would be at risk for people via age-associated visual impairment. On the other hand, more or less 1.4 million are permanently sightless for the rest of their lives, forever too. .

The global response to anticipation of blindness, over the most recent 20 years fields’ advancement embraces the government launching agendas countrywide in order to stop and manage visual impairment, there is also an eye care examination progressively more integrated into prime and inferior well being care systems, by means of a center of attention on the condition of services that are accessible, affordable and high value, aside from that they also presented movement to up lift consciousness consisting school-centered education and last, stronger global joint venture which contain engagement of the private division as well as social civilization.

Likewise, there are probably 19 million children who are visually impaired with the reason refractive faults, nevertheless this condition might be detected and corrected. In all over the world, cataracts continue to be the leading reason of blindness in the middle and low income countries. . Along with that, age-associated blindness is greater than ever all the way through world, openly blindness because of unrestrained diabetes. In contrast, public health action now decreases the blindness triggered by just an infection.

Regardless of the advancement prepared in surgical practices in numerous countries for the duration of the previous ten years, cataract which has 47.9% cases remains the foremost origin of visual destruction in all areas of the globe, excluding the urbanized countries. Cataract, glaucoma, age-associated macular deterioration, corneal opacities, diabetic retinopathy, trachoma, and some eye circumstances happened because of insufficient vitamin A are the primary cause roots of unceasing sightlessness. Roughly speaking, an estimated 65% of the whole people who are visually weakened are in the lined of aged 50 and above, whereas this group of age consists of approximately 20% of the global population. However, out of those figures written above, 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided and treated.


2025: A Terrifying Year for the Start of Water Shortage

water shortageWater plays an important part in our daily lives. It serves us from the very first start of our days; from our breakfast in our coffees, in bathing, in our fancied beverages, and in other stuff. It doesn’t just quench our thirst but it also shows essential functions in our bodies like maintaining the correct body temperature. But what if one day, this element just lost in its track as a ‘giver of life’? What will happen?

It seems that the water that is surrounding us has an ability to exist in infinity. It is somehow true but here is the truth about water that is now turning into a compelling issue nowadays: the scarcity of clean and fresh water. This is the thing that is troubling the various groups because of the complications that may take place when it happens. According to the studies doneby the experts and the scientists, there is going to be a problem in the source of water that will attend man’s needs. These studies, according to their calculations, say that it will happen when the year 2025 starts and will bring a great crisis on various nations all around the globe. Because of this, over 40 percent of the world’s population will be affected and as a truth, a considerable number of one billion people are already suffering in this situation.

We can see the roots of this ‘upcoming’ crisis from the simple deeds, yet have disastrous effects in our nature like the improper usage of water from bathing, brushing our teeth, cooking, washing the dishes, in the laundry, and other kinds of our daily activities. Various plants also have their contributions in this. These plants are consuming one cubic kilometer of water every year wherein 1/3 percent of it will just be wasted. The production of metals also affects this crisis too for they need 20 cubic kilometer to form one ton of metal. On the other hand, the production of one ton of paper uses 200 m3 of water. These are some of the things where the water in our planet goes. So, let us just think how mammoth our consumption of water is. You also have your own contribution in this for a single average man uses 3 000 gallons every year.

This issue is somehow terrifying and needs an immediate attention from the nations in this planet. But let us face it: in order for us to aid this thing, we must make an act in ourselves first and foremost.






heartburnAre you experiencing a painful burning feeling below or behind your breastbone coming from the esophagus? Then the pain will rise in your chest and spreading to your neck or throat? That is heartburn.

When we are eating our fancied foods or any beverages, they are entering our stomachs while a band of muscle called as the lower esophageal sphincter or LES located at the end of our esophagus blocks the esophagus. However, there are instances that this band is not functioning well thus it doesn’t close tightly enough making the contents from our stomachs reflux (this reflux can damage the lining of your esophagus and cause serious problems) into the esophagus. Because of these partially digested materials, the esophagus will be irritated giving you heartburn. Most of us are experiencing heartburn in some instances. However if an individual is suffering from this frequently, there is a possibility that he or she has a gastro esophageal reflux disease or also called as GERD. Heartburn is more possible to happen to those individuals having a hiatal hernia. In the hiatal hernia, the top part of our stomachs is sticking up into the chest cavity that weakens our LES and making the acids to back up from our stomachs into esophagus easily. This can even turn worse because of some drugs we are using. Some of them that you should avoid during a heartburn attack are calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure, anticholinergic , beta-blockers for high blood pressure or heart disease, dopamine-like drugs for Parkinson’s disease, tricyclic antidepressants, progestin for abnormal menstrual bleeding or birth control, sedatives for anxiety, and theophylline for lung diseases. You should also avoid the intake of alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks to avoid triggering a reflux. Even chocolates have effects in heartburn and limiting your consumption of this sweet thing can help you to control heartburn. Spicy or fatty foods and other full-fat dairy products are also a no-no.

An individual’s eating habits have something to do with heartburn, too. Those is why you shouldn’t bend over or attempt an exercise after eating heavy foods. Also, avoid eating too much at night and lying down after filling your tummy for it may cause the stomach contents to press harder against the LES. Prevention like the things we mentioned is a good way to prevent heartburn but if it turns into a more serious condition like experiencing a trouble swallowing and other consequences, you should see a doctor to make the things clear and to aid the heartburn you are suffering from.






On Hyperhidrosis

HyperhidrosisSweating is a normal thing for our body to control our temperature. And what if you are sweating but it seems to be beyond normal?

This is a condition called hyperhidrosisin wherein the body sweats excessively for no given apparent reasons. It is described by the abnormal high amount of perspiration to the extent that it your body is just expelling the liquids you need. It may start from the different emotions that can affect our bodies in various ways like anxiety that intensifies this problem in perspiration. Our body parts that are subjected in higher amount of perspiration are our hands, feet and groin since these are the most extreme spots for perspiration and have high concentration of sweat glands,

The individuals with problems in nerves about their sweating can also experience higher sweating episodes making the condition worse. Even the normal people have the possibilities of catching hyperhidrosisin too by their diets and the foods they are eating and drinking like nicotine and caffeine.

If you are going to see a doctor about this, he will examine you to identify whether you are experiencing a primary hyperhidrosis or secondary hyperhidrosis. So, what is second hyperhidrosis? This disorder can spark as one of the consequences brought by disorder like diabetes mellitus, disorder of thyroid or pituitary gland, tumors, gout, menopause or specific medications. In some cases, the professionals in the field of medicine have tried aiding this excessive sweating using the help of the deodorants, oral tablets, creams, acupuncture, lotions, and nowadays, electrical gadgets. However, the great possibility that these remedies can help you is still unreliable because of the low rate of achievement using them. There are surgical treatments now that are widespread around us. It was already operating for the last 50 to 60 years but at those times, the early surgical processes were dangerous that gave various complications to the patients or even death. Nowadays, the usage of Botox is one of the famous cure you can use to control that excessive sweating.

The treatments that we can use in hyperhidrosisin vary on the parts that are experiencing it. Say, for people who suffer from hand sweating should use the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy treatment that is fit for this condition. While in armpit, an axillary suction curettage is ideal as a regular method used for sweat control. There is also a surgical remedy called lumbar sympathectomy for men and women having an extreme foot sweating problem.