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coconutCoconut has always been tagged as the tree of life because of the many uses it gives to human, from its trunk, leaves, fruits and juice; you can never run out of good things to say about Coconut.

But let us, once more explore the goodness that this tree endows to us with regard to its fruit and juice. First among these is that Coconut meat helps prevent obesity since it hastens body metabolism by providing an energy which is low in calorie and fats. Based on reports, people who eat Coconut meat can go on with no other food for a few hours, without worrying about the possible upshot of hypoglycaemia.

It also promotes good heart condition because of its MCFA or the medium chain fatty acids and short chain fatty acid. Short and medium chain fatty acids can be easily converted to energy than long chain fatty acids thus the tendency for it to be deposited as fats is lesser. This, therefore, lowers the risk of having atherosclerosis, which is also known as arteriosclerotic vascular disease or ASVD, is a condition that an artery wall hardens as a consequence of build-up of fatty substances such as cholesterol and triglyceride. Studies have also shown that countries which are consuming ample amount Coconut products have low rates of cholesterol level and heart diseases. Lauric acid, which is a fatty acid that can be found in mother’s milk, is also present in Coconut.

On the other hand, coconut water has pronounced so many benefits to human body. Coconut juice, it a good source of electrolytes because it has potassium, manganese and magnesium that is why it can replenish body fluids instantaneously. It is also very rich in amino acids, enzymes, Vitamin C and dietary fiber. In terms of the dietary fiber component, it has actually equaled rich fiber sources such as psyllium, oats and rice bran.

Stress buster is another property that Coconut has, because it soothes stress on pancreas and facilitates the release of certain enzymes in the body which is also associated in lowering the risks of diabetes. The Glycemic Index or the GI of Coconut is also low. This means that available carbohydrates in Coconut moderately increase the sugar level in the blood, the slow release of glucose into the blood requires less insulin for its utilization in energy conversion.

Apart from being a stress buster, Coconut juice can actually replace your energy drink because it can provide you with ample amount of energy, because it is being used by the body as energy and is not stored in the body as fat. In this way, it can help you boost energy and stamina for physical and sporty activities. Coconut juice also facilitates good thyroid functions that can help avoid exhaustion.

Coconut meat weighing 100 grams can give you: 14 mg of calcium, 15.23 g of carbohydrates, 9.0 of dietary fiber, 26 g of vitamin B9, 32 mg of magnesium, 0.54 mg of vitamin B3, 2.43 mg of iron, 356 mg of potassium, 113 mg of phosphorus, 3.3 mg of vitamin C and 3.3 g of protein!

But remember, once you open the Coconut eat or drink it at once!  This will help you exploit the numerous health benefits it could give.

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