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Are those little red spots irritating you so much? Lessens your self-esteem? Makes you the subject of every damn prank? And spoils your moment with Mr. Nice Guy? Yeah, I know how it feels. But before those sentiments, let us know what are they: PIMPLES.

Pimples, or we sometimes called as “zits” and “spots”, are the inflammations in our skin, particularly in the face. But why are these inflammations occur? They are actually just our oil glands which are positioned at the base of our hair follicles and due to bacteria, got infected until it swells up, and worse…got filled up with pus.

When our sebaceous glands become overactive, the production of pimples happens wherein it affects the most susceptible parts of the human body like our face, with evidences that are pretty obvious. Other parts of our body that are weak in this are our back, chest and shoulders.
Layers of our skin (especially the outer parts) keeps on being shed continuously, we all know that. But on some or lots of instances, some stubborn dead skin cells get stuck jointly by the sticky sebum. Thus, this causes the blockage in our pores. Then, a greater quantity of sebum will be made by our sebaceous gland which will just gather behind the blockage.

Because of the blockage of the sebum which has bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes which is linked to acne, the Propionibacterium acnes will multiply and will lead to a problem. However this only happens when the conditions are right since Propionibacterium acnes exist on our skin without a danger. With this, the bacterium triggers the production of a material that causes an immune response in our body, giving us these irritating pimples.

According to the studies done by the experts, the skins of the people who are more prone to acne are so sensitive in special ways to usual blood levels of our testosterone. Then, testosterone will push the sebaceous glands to give more sebum. This makes the blockage of our dead skin cells to happen and increases the likelihood of filling the pores.

We also have to be aware of the foods we are eating if we are that conscious on the condition of our faces in pimples. Foodstuffs like dairy products and the ones with high quantity of glycemic index foods have been connected to pimples.

Pimples may spoil your day, but don’t trouble yourself, darling, as long as it doesn’t occupy your entire face!

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