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Frostbite is a serious situation that may happen to everyone, so let us know what they are.
Due to freezing situation, limited harm is caused to skin and other tissues of an individual; this is frostbite. It has a higher possibility of occurring on the parts of our body which are situated far from our hearts. The areas in our body that are highly exposed also have the higher risk of catching frostbite.

This happens due to the insufficient circulation of blood in our body when the temperature we are experiencing is under freezing. This can happen for the body is constricting the circulation of blood in order for us to prevent hypothermia, thus maintaining our body temperature. However, the things that trigger hypothermia can also lead to frostbite. The poor circulation in our body isn’t caused by the said instances all the time. It can also be due to other reasons like the restriction in our body positions, usage of cigarettes and alcohol, skin-tight clothing we are using, exposure to chemicals like liquid nitrogen, prescriptions that didn’t fit us, and most especially are the ailments that influence the flow of our blood vessels.

Our blood vessels that are close to the skin starts to compress whenever our body feels the temperature below 0 °C or whenever reach the said temperature. The blood will then be pushed away from the limits by the act of glomus bodies. High winds can also give these effects in us. But why is it happening? Like what you have read earlier, the constriction helps us to maintain and keep our core temperature. This is a protective approach of our body to lessen the blood flow in some parts of the body to perilously low stages. And because of the lack of blood, loss of skin tissue in the particular areas that got affected by the situation may occur.

This medical condition is more likely to happen on those people who are at the places having a low temperature or reach the freezing point. This is the reason why we all have to cover ourselves whenever we are exposed from extremely cold temperature in a particular place.

Lots of incidence of frostbite occurs on the mountaineers who are climbing the places with very low temperature (the higher place you are situated, the lower the temperature will be). To prevent this, we have to see the condition of our body temperature a make a way to maintain it like building a small fire since it can give a bit of warm in us.

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