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Can you smell something odd? Uh…I think it’s your underarm, buddy. Crap, that’s body odor.
Skunks have the ability to release putrid smell as a form of a protective mechanism in them. However, other animals have it too like us humans…but not for protective mechanism stuff but it is actually affected by various diseases and psychological conditions we are experiencing.

The creation of body odors in humans is generally influenced by excretions of the skin glands and bacterial activity that is occurring in us (especially in our skin). The human body odor is mostly the result of the secretion of majority of chemical compounds our skin need which is conducted by apocrine sweat glands. It occurs mostly in our armpit, anogenital region, and around the navel. These genital and armpit regions have twisted hairs (pubic hairs) which lead to diffuse of body odors.

The production of enzymes called lipases that dissolve the lipids in sweat to start smaller molecules like butyric acid is caused by members of Corynebacteriu. This causes us to smell, and gain a distinctive body odor’s scent. A type of acid called propionic acid, which is a product of some amino acids by propionibacteria, increase in the channel of adolescent and adult sebaceous glands. This makes the body odors to smell like vinegar in some individual since propionic acid is comparable to acetic acid. A type of acid called Isovaleric acid is also a source of our body odor because of the consequence of actions of the bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis.

However, we shouldn’t blame our body odors in those sorts of acids. Things like foods and drinks we are taking also have contributions in our body’s reactions. Diseases can affect our body odor, too. And most especially, body odor is largely influenced by his lifestyle, medication, sex, and genetics. This is the reason why those who smoke have a foul odor which comes from the chemicals that the cigarettes give them. Diet can also contribute in our body odor.

But don’t be troubled because it can be aided, reduced, prevented, or in some cases… provoked, through the use of antiperspirant, deodorants, disinfectants, underarm liners, soaps with special contents like antiseptic plant extracts such which are good remedies in problems like this. Proper hygiene like maintaining a clean body by cleaning it often like in bath or washing with the use of water and regular changing of clothes can also help us in solving this problem. Also, having a healthy diet can also serve as our way to prevent this from occurring.
So, when was the last time you take a bath?

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