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alopeciaWe all value our hair since it plays an important role in adding scent to our personality. This, perhaps, is one of the reason we change our hair according to the demands of the trending fashion of the world. We just really love our hair, especially the girls who consider them as their “crown of glory”. But what if one day, you’ll just see yourself in a mirror with just some few strips of hair strands? What if one day, you’ll just see yourself having Alopecia?

Alopecia areata (type of alopecia) is a condition that leads to the fall of a person’s hair. It is somehow mindboggling decease where person’s own immune system attacks his own body especially their hair follicles. Because of this, the person’s hair will fall out. In some cases, individuals who have alopecia are just experiencing the loss of their hair in few spots. Of course, there will those instances where the hair of an individual will fall in a large degree. And worse, the loss of all the hair in the individual’s entire body.

We are all possible to have this condition however, the probability of having alopecia areata is somewhat larger if there is someone in the family who has the disease. Thus, those come from families who have diseases like diabetes and thyroid disease are more probable of having alopecia areata.

We may see it as a big problem to those people who have this kind of disease but sadly and even worse, alopecia areata don’t have a particular cure that will solve it completely. However, it can be treated where some of the hair can grow back. Another treatment is through corticosteroids. These are the anti-inflammatory drugs that are said to fit for autoimmune diseases. It can come as an injection into the scalp or other areas that are infected. It can also be a pill or by a cream-like medicine which must be applied into the skin. However, the effects of corticosteroids can come and have effect slowly. Another is rogaine which is a current medicine that is already used as a cure for baldness. In using this, the hair will only begin to grow after 12 weeks of applying it.

Hair does really have special roles in us not just for fashion stuff but helping us to build our own self-image. The ones who are experiencing alopecia are in the midst of their struggles but let us always remember: the real beauty isn’t just simplicity…it lies inside ourselves.

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