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It is one of our common mistakes to blame the women whenever there is a problem in having offspring but actually, there are also some instances that men can contribute in this by being infertile.

When there is infertility to a certain man, it will be ideal and essential for the men to get tested for fertility thus the first thing you can do to address this is to consult a doctor wherein the urologists are the typical ones you can ask about this thing. When you consult them, a physical exam will be performed and after that, the doctor will ask for a semen analysis that will let him see and check the quality and quantity of your sperm in the semen. When the doctor asks you for a sample for this test, you certainly have to give him the sample there for it is essential that the examination will be performed rapidly.

In the test, the doctor will inform you if you everything is normal however, he will still ask you to have a second test to prove that the results are just right. When you pass it, your condition based on the two normal tests that would be done may usually lead to interpretation that you are normal and do not have any serious infertility problems. But if you fail in one of the test or both of them, thus the results look irregular, your doctor will recommend you more examinations to identify your problem.

There are various reasons why infertility among men is happening. One of them is the physical damage for there are some instances that men are born with obstructions in some parts of their testicle that stop their sperm from reaching into the semen. There are also some fertility problems caused by physical trauma to the prostate, testicles, and urethra but there are remedies that can give you a solution for this like various surgeries. Sexually transmitted diseases have something to do with this, too. Infections in a man’s genital like gonorrhea can lead to infertility in men and since this is a problem caused by infection, there are ways to aid this by identifying and treating the infection. There are also instances that a retrograde ejaculation is happening to men. This is a disorder where semen is unable to escape from the penis during ejaculation. In this, the semen will enter the bladder possibly caused by certain medications, diabetes, and surgery to the bladder and prostate.

Another thing that can give infertility to a man is the autoimmune problems where the immune system may, by mistake, fight the sperm cells as if they were some of the foreign viruses and because of this, the sperm will be damaged. Sexual problems can also occur where there will be an erectile dysfunction started by psychological problems like anxiety, guilt, and physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Infertility is a serious thing that has to be addressed immediately by men through various test and medical guidance by your trusted doctors.

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