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water shortageWater plays an important part in our daily lives. It serves us from the very first start of our days; from our breakfast in our coffees, in bathing, in our fancied beverages, and in other stuff. It doesn’t just quench our thirst but it also shows essential functions in our bodies like maintaining the correct body temperature. But what if one day, this element just lost in its track as a ‘giver of life’? What will happen?

It seems that the water that is surrounding us has an ability to exist in infinity. It is somehow true but here is the truth about water that is now turning into a compelling issue nowadays: the scarcity of clean and fresh water. This is the thing that is troubling the various groups because of the complications that may take place when it happens. According to the studies doneby the experts and the scientists, there is going to be a problem in the source of water that will attend man’s needs. These studies, according to their calculations, say that it will happen when the year 2025 starts and will bring a great crisis on various nations all around the globe. Because of this, over 40 percent of the world’s population will be affected and as a truth, a considerable number of one billion people are already suffering in this situation.

We can see the roots of this ‘upcoming’ crisis from the simple deeds, yet have disastrous effects in our nature like the improper usage of water from bathing, brushing our teeth, cooking, washing the dishes, in the laundry, and other kinds of our daily activities. Various plants also have their contributions in this. These plants are consuming one cubic kilometer of water every year wherein 1/3 percent of it will just be wasted. The production of metals also affects this crisis too for they need 20 cubic kilometer to form one ton of metal. On the other hand, the production of one ton of paper uses 200 m3 of water. These are some of the things where the water in our planet goes. So, let us just think how mammoth our consumption of water is. You also have your own contribution in this for a single average man uses 3 000 gallons every year.

This issue is somehow terrifying and needs an immediate attention from the nations in this planet. But let us face it: in order for us to aid this thing, we must make an act in ourselves first and foremost.





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