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Coconut water is the latest craze because of its amazing health benefits. Nowadays, coconut water is called as the “sports drink of Mother Nature”. The popularity of this health drink continues to soar. The demands skyrocketed because even celebrities endorse and advocate coconut water. It is known that coconut water can help different conditions. From mild problems to more serious conditions, coconut water can be capable of bringing a good health to everyone. However, some people are not convinced why coconut water is hyped today. That said, it is essential to know what coconut water is, and the proven health benefits it offers.


Coconut water has many health benefits.

What Exactly Is Coconut Water?

Coconut water offers a natural way to revitalize the body. It has some kind of a sweet, nutty taste. Also, coconut water is rich in electrolytes and easily-digested carbohydrates such as sugar. When we talk about coconut water, it is basically the juice within a coconut, not the processed coconut milk or oil. In addition, coconut water has less sodium content, fewer calories and more potassium compared to a typical sports drink. Why is it better than other drinks? Perhaps one of the best-selling factors of coconut water is its less sugar content.

Who Can Drink Coconut Water?

Coconut water is good for both adults and children. It has its own distinct taste, but it is healthy. Even professional athletes and celebrities stand beside coconut water. They guarantee that health benefits of this drink for people who will have it. According to studies and experiments, coconut water is as good as a commercial sports drink in terms of replenishing energy. Another research suggests that coconut water gives way to people to experience less stomach upset, fullness and nausea. It is also easier to drink in large amounts when rehydrating.

Furthermore, experts say that coconut water is ideal among people, especially athletes. It has less carbohydrates and sodium, and it is rich in potassium. Proper hydration is important to keep, particularly among professional athletes. With the nutrients contained in coconut water, athletes will have a better chance of regaining energy in a short span of time.


How Coconut Water Can Help Your Health?

Coconut water is a great alternative to water, as it packs the nutrients your body needs. Also, it has a vast range of health benefits, but some of these may not be heard about. To further help you understand how vital it is to drink coconut water, here are the health benefits that you must know about:

  1. It aids in losing weight – A lot of people who suffer from excess weight wanted to have a quick solution to their problem. However, there is none. If you are overweight, then you have to commit yourself to all the weight-loss exercises and weight-friendly foods that can help you. Losing weight is not an overnight deed. If you want to enhance your effort to lose weight, include coconut water in your daily intake. The fats contained in coconut water are low, which is why it can be consumed without any fear of adding a few pounds. Also, coconut water can aid in suppressing the appetite and make people feel full.
  2. It helps beat hangover – If you drank last night, and then the next morning you feel the hangover, coconut water might be the best solution for you. This drink will help calm down the stomach. It is rich in electrolytes, which is why it can replace all the essential fluids in the body. This can solve your problem if you experience vomiting and excessive urination after drinking hard. But there’s another way to beat hangover; stop drinking liquor.
  3. It helps the digestion – If you have difficulties when it comes to digestion, and you want to have a quick fix for it, then coconut water is the solution. It can provide a great source of relief. With its high fiber contents, it helps prevent indigestion and minimize the chances of having an acid reflux.
  4. Coconut water also maintains the skin radiance – If you want to have blemish-free skin or get rid of acne fast, then you can use coconut water. This time, you can apply coconut water topically to the skin. It has the ability to clear the skin. Plus, it helps in moisturizing the skin from within. To do this, you have to drink coconut water. Most beauty products intended for the skin also contain coconut extracts, which explains why coconut water is effective in having a silky-smooth, soft skin.
  5. Minimize blood pressure – In many cases, the inadequate level of electrolytes in the body may result to high blood pressure. Coconut water is known to contain a balanced level of electrolytes, which can balance blood pressure. It is suggested that coconut water must be taken early in the morning to prevent having high blood pressure. It can help balance the electrolytes.
  6. It enhances hydration – We all know that the nutrients and the ingredients found in coconut water are much better than commercial energy drinks when it comes to hydration. Plus, it is natural. During physical activities and sports, the body loses nutrients. To regain these nutrients, it is important to include coconut water. It helps to replace the electrolytes in the body in a shorter amount of time. So the next time you do any rigorous activities, make sure to consider drinking coconut water.
  7. Coconut water is rich in essential nutrients – Like what we have been mentioning for a while now, coconut water is rich in different essential nutrients. These nutrients are as follows; phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. That said, coconut water can be taken by anyone. It can likewise aid in different medical conditions, proving that coconut water is indeed a universal health drink.
  8. It is compatible with the human blood – During emergency cases like blood loss, coconut water can be used to quickly rehydrate the human body. Coconut water is isotonic to human plasma, which can be administered intravenously.
  9. It is a natural antioxidant – Coconut water is a rich antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body. It also helps in reducing the swelling in the legs and the hands. Everyone must know that it can get rid of the toxic effects of antibiotics. That said, coconut water is recommended for patients who are undergoing a medication therapy, as it helps in absorbing drugs easily.
  10. It helps in controlling diabetes – Did you know that coconut water can help control heart problems? Apparently, it cannot help cure the condition, but it can help regulate and improve the blood circulation within the body. It helps in relaxing the blood vessels, which is good to help facilitate an efficient blood circulation. Coconut water also helps fight the signs of atherosclerosis.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Coconut Water?

Just in case you are wondering if coconut water has any side effects, it doesn’t have any. Coconut water is known to be one of the best natural drinks today. It contains all natural ingredients, which is why side effects are not present. However, if you have an allergy to nuts, then you are likely to develop problems related to it. Overall, coconut water is considered safe for everyone, including children, adults and pregnant women. On the other hand, if you are taking potassium supplements, you have to watch out for the potassium levels in your body. Coconut water is known to contain high levels of potassium.

Coconut trees are common among tropical countries, which is why the cost is not as much as it costs in western countries. Coconut water is being mass produced nowadays by different companies. Due to its popularity, it has reached the other parts of the world where coconut is not grown naturally.


Why Most Western Countries Do Not Advocate Coconut Water?

In recent studies, it is known that dietitians in western countries skip past coconut water. Because of the hype, coconut water has become expensive in the market. This is one of the main reasons why dieticians and experts in the U.S. rather spend money on natural foods than an expensive fluid. Also, there is a court case when a particular manufacturer of coconut water claimed to exaggerate the health benefits of coconut water. The company, Vita Coco, has been told to settle the case with $10 million.

Should You Consider Coconut Water To Enhance Your Health?

The fact remains that coconut water is one of the healthiest and the best drinks that you can have nowadays. It is rich in nutrients, and you will truly get the health benefits it offers. However, if you are in a western country where coconut is not grown naturally, you might want to reconsider. Because coconut water is hyped and expensive, you may not have it on a regular basis. For the effects of the coconut water to work, you need to have a regular intake.


However, for the people in tropical countries, there is an abundance of coconut, which is why they have an easy access to coconut water. Overall, coconut water is beneficial for a person. It packs lots of nutrients important to one’s health. Plus, it is natural so there are no side effects. Coconut water is highly recommended to replenish and revitalize the body in a short amount of time.

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