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banabaMy wife’s uncle is a former military and they call him “Daddy Joe” because they consider him as father of all, though his real name is Jose. Last month, he visited us at home and I got a chance to talk to him about the different herbal plants, specifically the Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa). I learned many things from him about this herbal tree and I want to share them to all of you.

Daddy Joe told me that when he is still living with his parents in Camiling, Tarlac, he remembered her mother treated his stomachache using this herbal plant. Her mother gathers some leaves, washed them carefully and then boils them in water for 1 hour to create the natural Banaba tea. He then drinks a cup of this tea and repeated the process for 2-3 days. Afterwards, his stomach begins to feel better and he told me that the pain is not severe anymore. He continued to drink the natural tea for a week until he is completely feeling better within taking medicinal drugs.

Since then, he began to show awareness about this remarkable herbal plant and even educate some of his friends in the service when he is still active. He told me that one of his friends experienced a severe diarrhea and through educating him about the health benefits of natural Banaba tea, his friend was able to recover within 3 days after regular consumption. His friend was very thankful to him and used the same natural approach to his kids until today.

Daddy Joe likewise told me a story about his brother in Davao City whom they visited last April. They went to this beautiful place with his wife (Tita Mila) to attend the wedding of his nephew as one of the primary sponsors. His brother (Julius) is actually diabetic and so he is taking medicines for his maintenance. To his surprise, his brother also is suffering from gout or inflammatory arthritis and taking some pain relievers whenever the attacks manifest.

banaba-Because he was very eager to help his brother in overcoming the pain and health problems he is experiencing, Daddy Joe ask his brother if he still remember that their mother is doing before when they are sick. He asked his brother if he is familiar with the Banaba tea. He told me that his brother answered yes but not implementing this kind of natural home remedy. After hearing that, he told his brother to help him find a Banaba tree so he can create a natural tea using this herbal plant. They asked some of their relatives and luckily, one of them know someone who has this medicinal plant.

They visited the place and Daddy Joe gathered some fruits and leaves from the tree and after getting back home, he washed them and boiled them in water for 1-2 hours. He told his brother that he must drink 2-3 cups of this natural tea a day and continue the process for one week. He also said to put the tea inside the refrigerator to make sure that this will last longer. To make the tea very effective, he told his brother to drink it without mixing any other ingredients from it.

Before leaving Davao City after a week of their visit here to go back in Bataan, Daddy Joe told me that he revealed positive results from his brother after few days of consuming the natural Banaba tea. His brother starts to feel better and can walk his affected foot with ease without complaining the pain. Regarding his diabetes, he told his brother to continue drinking the tea even if he is taking medicines and he will call him back after few weeks to check his health again.

After a week only, Daddy Joe received a call from his brother saying that he is beginning to feel banaba-1comfortable and reduced his maintenance already. Even though he believed that the natural tea made from Banaba tree helped his brother, he still reminded his brother that proper exercises and balance dieting is crucial to keep the body healthy. I remember he told me that although herbal plants are effective natural home remedies, it still depend on us on how to keep our body safe from any unwanted health issues. He also boasts me about the importance of eating vegetables and not eating too much foods loaded with preservatives.

Well, I agree with him because he is already 79 years old but can still walk better, drive his motorcycle to fetch his grandchildren in school and visit his farm daily without experiencing body pain. Before he left our house, he told me that if I need to prepare my own Banaba tea to treat stomachache or urinary tract infection (UTI), I only need to visit him and he will help me get some leaves and fruits in his farm anytime.

I am very thankful that I got the chance to talk to this great person because I am not that familiar with Banaba tree. I actually see some products made from this herbal plant in the groceries, but never spend time to read their labels. At least now, I have knowledge about this impressive medicinal plant.

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