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bananasWhen I was a kid, it was already part of our daily meal plan to have bananas on the table during lunchtime. My mother always buys a set of bananas whenever she visits the public market because my late father never forgets to remind her. What intrigues me about these types of fruits is that when I got the chance to talk with my late Uncle Pepe and according to him; these fruits provide impressive health benefits for our body.

So now, I want to share my story about the health benefits of eating the right amount of bananas daily to live healthier. My late uncle told me that the most important element that these fruits contain involve Potassium. He revealed to me that if we eat one banana each day, it helps the body in preventing heart ailments, normalize the level of blood pressure and improves our stamina. He recalled that one of his friends Ricardo is experiencing trouble due to high blood pressure, so he immediately instructed him to eat one piece of banana daily to normalize his blood pressure. He added that after Ricardo followed his instruction and normalized his blood pressure after a week, he also benefited from eating banana in eliminating his stress to relax his body better.

Because of my curiosity, I asked my uncle on where he learned about this particular health benefit. He quickly replied to me that his other friend (Antonio) from the United States shared him this kind of benefit. The son (Dr. Torno) of his friend was actually a doctor in the US and so he knows about the different health benefits of eating bananas regularly. Uncle Pepe mentioned to me that his friend likewise revealed that regularly consumption of banana will help the body eliminate those unwanted fats and can even fight serious illnesses like Diabetes.


The shared story was based on the patient of Dr. Torno in the US wherein the vitamin B-6 that the banana contains helped his patient improve his white blood cell and gradually defeated his type 2 diabetes. He added that after reviewing the data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the stated health benefits above are legitimate. My uncle likewise told me that my Auntie Lucy before is anemic and so he monitored her consumption of banana each day. After a week, they revealed great improvement of her anemia because of the presence of Iron in the bananas she consumed on a regular basis.

My uncle Pepe is actually a book enthusiast when he is still alive because even during their time without depending on the Internet, he invested money for different useful books that include those books about health. This is probably the reason why he is knowledgeable about the different health benefits of bananas. Do you want to reveal the other important benefits that he shared to me? Well, I will be willing to share them to you folks because these are interesting health benefits and I believe that some of us are not yet familiar. Okay, here are the additional benefits that my uncle detailed to me: 

  • Banana can help fight Ulcer – he told me that if we eat banana on a regular basis, this helps the stomachbananas-1 remain healthy and prevents the onset of Ulcer. Because of the natural components of this type of fruit, the stomach can defeat the harmful hydrochloric acid that triggers Ulcer.
  • For better digestion – because this type of fruit is rich in essential dietary fiber, it improves the digestive track for proper bowel movement. However, it is very important to eat the right amount of banana to prevent the onset of constipation.
  • Can improve the healthiness of our skin – in this particular scenario, it is not the meat of the banana that we need to utilize in keeping our skin healthy. According to my uncle, he read about using the banana skin to eliminate acne by rubbing the fresh peeled skin onto our facial skin gently. This is an effective alternative to remove the dirt and oil on the skin. He proved me this benefit by showing the skin of my cousin (Janet) who is doing this process for the past few years now.

As you can see, these are only few of the many potential benefits of eating banana regularly. I am lucky because even if my uncle Pepe passed away couple of years ago, I learned important things from him about the realistic benefit of bananas. He actually considered these as amazing fruits because they present natural substances and continuously benefiting countless of people for many years.

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