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I am familiar about Turmeric because it looks similar to a ginger plant and we often use it as an ingredient when cooking some Filipino dishes, but I am not aware that this is a very effective natural treatment for various health risks. I only started to show my interest about this herbal plant when I met Billy back in 2011. Billy is actually the husband of Aileen who is the cousin of my wife. They live in Australia and they visited the Philippines for their holiday vacation. This fellow is a Cambodian and this is probably one reason why he is knowledgeable about the different herbal plants, which include Turmeric.

He told me that in Cambodia, they call this herbal plant as “Ro Miet” and many Cambodians are using it when treating minor to severe stomach pain, liver problem, cancer related diseases, arthritis, obesity and more. One of the most interesting component of Turmeric that Billy told me is it contains Curcumin, a very powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that provides numerous health benefits for the body.

This fellow told me about a story of his friend (James) in Australia who suffered from inflammatory arthritis for several months. Because James is an Australian, he is not that knowledgeable about the available natural home remedies. Upon seeing his friend having trouble walking because of his swollen big toe on his right foot, Billy decided to help him and he told his friend that he would harvest some Turmeric from his garden and help him treat his arthritis. From his story, he harvest 3 pieces of this herbal plant then washed them properly before peeling their skins. He then sliced them into pieces and boiled them in water for 2 hours until the color of the water becomes yellowish.

Right after completing the process, he revisited James to his house bringing the natural tea he created from the Turmeric. He told his friend to drink 2 cups of the tea each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Billy told me that he actually created a natural tea that will last up to 5 days. Of course, he told James to continue taking his medicines while taking the tea. After only 3 days of continuous intake, his friend called him when he is at work and told him that he is beginning to feel the positive effects of the Turmeric tea because he can already move his affected toe. Billy told me that he felt happy for his friend because he ask him to bring fresh Turmeric for him and created his own tea, which he consumed for 2 weeks until he felt completely better.

Another interesting story that he shared to me is about his mother who is using Turmeric when turmeric-cooking foods. Instead of using the usual ginger or curry powder, she creates a powder made from this herbal plant and uses it when cooking different healthful dishes that need ginger or curry. He remembered that her mother told him that their great grandparents use Turmeric to prevent any cancerous disease. According to his mother, the anti-oxidant properties of this herbal plant can eliminate the harmful toxins inside the body and prevents the development of cancer.

Billy also told me that her mother is capable of creating a healthful yellowish Cambodian paste made of Turmeric called “Kroeung.” She will combine the Turmeric, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and shallots. She will crush all the ingredients carefully until it becomes a yellowish paste. Billy told me that this paste is very effective in treating diabetes because when eating the paste with our foods, it can normalize the blood sugar level of the body and help in releasing the free radicals.

This fellow likewise detailed to me on how he utilize this useful medicinal plant in treating wounds. He told me when one of his sons (Tairess) acquired a skin injury, he boil few slices of turmeric and coconut oil to create a mixture for wound treatment. He uses a cotton ball, dip it into the gently hot mixture and dump the cotton to the wound. He repeated the process for 3 days until he saw the wound stared to dry and vanish gradually.  When I ask if this kind of mixture has no side effects to the wound, he said to me that this kind of natural oil would not infect the wound. However, I need to seal the cover of the bottle so that the mixture will last longer after cooling off.

turmeric-1Of all the stories he shared about the impressive health benefits of Turmeric, the most intriguing one is that when told me that I can detoxify my liver through creating a mixture by combining fresh Turmeric and a whisky. Yes folks, you heard it right that I need to combine whisky in this herbal plant. Billy told me to buy any brand of whisky and put at least 3-5 pieces of crushed fresh Turmeric inside the bottle. He said that I must let the mixture stay for a month before starting to consume it at least once a week to detoxify my liver. Another very interesting fact that he revealed to me that it is important not to cut the Turmeric because if it dries from the air, this becomes ineffective already.

Well, I learn many things talking to this great fellow from Australia. Even though I only met him once three years ago, he is a very serious person when he talks and very interested about the different herbal plants we have. Perhaps one good reason is that he is a native of Cambodia and we know this country is rich in various medicinal plants too.

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