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seaweedsWhen I was in high school, one of my favorite subjects is Science, especially when out teacher is discussing about the different sea creatures and vegetables. I remembered Mrs. Chong when he revealed to us a story on how she treated her goiter (a kind of diseases when the size of the thyroid gland becomes abnormal). Of course, I want to share you her story to enlighten you about the health benefits of eating seaweeds in treating goiter and other illnesses.

Mrs. Chong told us that she is bothered with her goiter for almost a year, despite taking medicinal drugs and regular visit to her doctor. As a teacher, she really needs to cure her goiter because she always talks inside the class. Although her doctor advised her to undergo surgery, she wanted to discover a possible natural remedy that can treat her. Until one day, she visited one of her friends who came from abroad and discovered the secret natural treatment for her goiter.

Betty (her friend) is also a sufferer of this particular disease before until she revealed the benefits of eating seaweeds to eliminate her goiter effectively. From the story of her friend, she researched about eating seaweeds to discover the health benefits and she found out that eating fresh seaweeds can possible reduce the size of an abnormal thyroid gland gradually. Betty explained to Mrs. Chong on how to prepare the seaweeds and she actually created a perfect salad. Betty washes the seaweeds properly and mixes them with a little iodized salt before eating them fresh.

Mrs. Chong told us that she followed the same procedure like what her friend is doing and after a month of eating seaweeds once in a week, she decided to visit her doctor for her follow up check up. Lucky for her, the results of her checkup are positive and her doctor told her that her goiter is beginning to reduce in size. She actually told us that the results are visible because her neck is not that huge physically. After hearing the explanation of her doctor, she then revealed to her that she is eating fresh seaweeds to help reduce her goiter. Upon hearing this, her doctor likewise stated that seaweeds are safer to eat if they are fresh and coming from the ocean.

After we heard the complete story of our Science teacher, I see to it that I remembered all the important data from her. I became curious about seaweeds and as soon as I got back home, I told my mother about it. Fortunately, my mom is also familiar with it but she told me that the problem is that you cannot but this kind of sea vegetable regularly. From the explanation of my mother, she said that even if I go to the market immediately, this will not guarantee me that I could buy seaweeds already. This is when I recall what Mrs. Chong told us that she is only eating this kind of sea vegetable because she can only buy when some fishermen are delivering in the market also.

When I visited my cousin (Randy) after a week, I also found out that her mom is eating this type of sea veggie because she has a developing goiter. Her mom (Auntie Grace) discovered her problem with her thyroid gland a month ago when she started to feel discomfort when she is talking. Randy told me that her grandmother from her father side told her mom to eat seaweeds to reduce the size of her goiter and use iodized salt, instead of the usual rock salts. According to her grandmother, seaweeds are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties that can help the body live healthier. Like my teacher, my aunt saw great improvement in reducing the size of her abnormal thyroid gland because of eating seaweeds.


Because of my curiosity after hearing all these good things about seaweeds, I started to do my own little research about this type of sea vegetable. I got the chance to read a book in our school library and I want to share you what I learned if we eat seaweeds on a regular basis.

Please read carefully the information I shared below:

According to some researchers, regular consumption of this kind of sea veggie can help anyone look younger and can live longer. The nutrients can help in enhancing our metabolism and regular our hormones better to keep our skin healthier and younger. This will definitely provide a natural glow from our skin and eliminate the dead skin cells effectively.

I also found out that eating seaweeds helps our body in detoxifying the harmful toxins, which usually trigger unwanted health issues like goiter. Do you know what it the most important nutrient that it presents why this type of veggie is effective detoxifying cleanser? It contains chlorophyll and this is a natural substance can detoxify our body without difficulty.

Well, I understand that some of us cannot eat fresh vegetables such as the seaweeds. I believe one reason is that they feel comfortable eating cooked veggies or when mixing the vegetable in various dishes. Like one of my friends, she is not willing to eat fresh vegetables even if this comes from abroad. She told me that even after chewing the veggies, she is having trouble when swallowing already. Well, I understand that you or you may know someone who has the same attitude when eating fresh vegetables.

I have a better suggest that if you are not used to eating fresh seaweeds with iodized salt, but you need to treat your goiter or help someone treat the same health problem. I already tried eating fresh seaweeds salad. I combined the seaweeds, iodized salt, tomatoes, onions and salted egg to create a perfect salad. You can try this one and I definitely believe that you will love the taste and healthiness.


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