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lagundiWhen I was a child, I always experience cough and runny nose because I am very active in playing all the time outside the house. Although my parents brought me to the doctor for medical checkup and ask for prescribed medications, my cough does not seem to vanish right away. Until one day when we visited my Lola (grandmother) in her place, she observed the trouble I have when coughing.  Then she asked my mother of what kind of medicine I have to treat my cough.

My mother told my grandmother that she is giving me an expectorant to treat my cough. Right after hearing this, my Lola told my mother to try using natural home remedies such as Lagundi (Shrub or Vitex Negundo). Even though my mother is familiar with this kind of herbal plant, she is not aware that it is a beneficial remedy for cough treatment. Perhaps one reason is that she is busy working and she always rely on visiting the doctor whenever one of us is sick.

My Lola explained to us the remarkable health benefits of this particular herbal plant. Of course, her first explanation is about using Lagundi to treat minor to severe cough without taking expensive medicinal drugs. She told my mother about getting 2-3 pieces of Lagundi leaves and put them on top of the hot rice until they become tender with moisture. After that, she explained about squeezing the leaves and put the extract on the tablespoon. She said that the extract serves as the herbal medicine for my cough by taking it at least twice in a day for best result. She told us that this is a very effective home remedy without the need of costly medicines and doctor’s fee.

Another very important benefit that she explained to us besides taking the extract is to create an herballagundi- tea using Lagundi when treating fever. She instructed my mother to dry at least 8-10 leaves and then boil them in 1 cup of water for at least 15-20 minutes.  Afterwards, it is important to strain the liquid and drink it while hot to eliminate the fever and cold effectively for at least one week repeated process. She also revealed that this kind of herbal tea is an effective remedy in treating respiratory problem, especially for people who are suffering from asthma.

During that time, we were lucky because my Lola has a lot of Lagundi plants in her backyard and so she gave us 3 plants on the pots already. We carried them back home and my mother did not waste much time and started to prepare the extract to treat my cough. At first, I hesitate to take it because the taste is a little bitter with the mint flavor. Well, I never had the chance to refuse because my mother forced me and explained to me about the possible negative effects if my cough is untreated. After 3 days of regular intake, I started to feel better because my chest is not aching and my cough starts to vanish. My mother continued my natural treatment for a week until I felt complete okay without runny nose and cough.

I actually remembered this memorable story because I treasured what my late grandmother told us. Today, I am also benefitting from this kind of home remedy whenever one of my kids is having trouble with cough, runny nose or fever. I do the same procedure like what my lola told my mother and luckily, me and my wife found great relief for our kids without spending more cash visiting a medical expert or doctor. We planted Lagundi on some pots to make sure that whenever we need to use this impressive herbal plant, we never run out of it. Of course, I always respect the recommendation of a doctor but if we have the chance to think about using natural home remedies, we can save money and will never experience undesirable effects because these are natural.

Because of the advancement of the Internet now, I increased my curiosity about Lagundi by doing some personal researches. I believe that the online world is offering a bunch of information about herbal plants and so I usually spend my free time to research and widen my knowledge about them, particular the Lagundi plant. Please allow me to share you some useful information that I learned about this remarkable medicinal plant.


I found out that the Department of Health of the Philippines already recognized this herbal plant as one of the best natural home remedies because of its proven safe therapeutic result. Besides treating cough, fever and runny nose, it is also possible to use Lagundi when treating chronic bronchitis, prevent symptoms of Chicken Fox, can fight Rheumatism, cleanse the liver, and improves digestion and more. Well, these are only few health benefits and you can likewise spend some of your free time researching online if ever you need too for your own benefits.

Always remember folks that there are many available effective herbal plants in the different parts of the world. In my personal opinion, these types of plants are very effective, inexpensive, truly present natural qualities, available in our own backyard and proven effective for many years, which include Lagundi. Because of this, we really have to spend time learning more about them because majority of the expensive medicinal drugs have negative side effects that can harm our body.





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