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There are different types of herbal plants in the Philippines, which made our country as one of the malunggayluckiest nations in Asia that feature numerous home remedies. We Filipinos have different resources of beneficial plants and trees that can help treat various illnesses naturally. Like our very own Malunggay tree (Moringa), this is a favorite option because of presenting many health benefits.

I had great admiration for the Malunggay tree and I want to share my interesting personal story. Malunggay is a very healthful option when it comes to cooking delicious Filipino dishes. When I cook my favorite Chicken Tinola, I always include the leaves to make the soup healthful and more flavorful. For us Filipinos, we appreciate the natural health benefits of Malunggay whenever we prepare different recipes. To prove you this, I was able to purchase veggie noodles made from Malunggay leaves in a food exhibit in Balanga City, Bataan.

I asked Jane (seller of the products) on where they get the products and she told me that they have a factory in Upper Tuyo, Balanga City. Jane told me that they have numerous Malunggay trees on the farm and they use the leaves exclusively in producing quality veggie noodles made of Malunggay leaves. The color of the noodles is different from ordinary noodles because it is green, which is the actual color of the leaves. They have different guests coming from various regions who are visiting the farm each week because it now gains popularity in the Philippines and in abroad. I hope you can try out these kinds of noodles because they are definitely healthful and delicious without preservatives.


I also love eating Filipino pandesal (bread) made with Malunggay leaves. I always visit the Malunggay Hot Pandesal Bakery whenever I go to the market, although there are many bakeries today that include the same natural ingredient to their breads. Let me ask you this, why do you think they now include these types of natural leaves? My answer is very simple but precise. Malunggay is an important resource of Vitamins C, A, Iron, essential nutrient and Amino Acids. Compared to eating an ordinary pandesal, eating those made with real leaves is healthful and can help strengthen your immune system. We all know that a stronger immune system can help in defeating various illnesses effectively. This is one reason why I love eating such healthful pandesal.

Another very important product that I tasted with natural Malunggay extract is the Malunggay tea. I bought a box in a local grocery and tried drinking a cup of it every night. At first, I do not appreciate the bland taste and so I include a little sugar on it. After few days of regular consumption, I felt an improved digestion because my stomach is comfortable even if I eat different types of foods. When I consumed all the 10 tea bags, I thought about boiling real leaves instead on spending more for another box of tea.

I went to my uncle’s farm and harvested some leaves but this time not for cooking purposes. I washed the leaves properly and boil them with 1 liter of water for 30-40 minutes. After boiling, I placed the mixture on a pitcher to cool off. I took a cup of it in the morning and I found the taste very interesting. I did not remove the leaves because my idea is to drink the mixture with these natural leaves.  To my curiosity, I found it more healthful and nutritious because the extract is pure. Besides improving my digestion, I also benefitted from this extract because my blood sugar level became normal. Do you want to determine if there is positive result after intake? You will actually release the toxins inside your body within 24 hours of consumption. When you go to the toilet, you observe sticky substance in your poop and within 2-3 days of regular intake, your body starts to feel comfortable and can even defeat hypertension.

malunggay-2Because of these particular health benefits, I always drink boiled Malunggay leaves extract whenever I feel discomfort. I also proved that for most men like me who love to eat fatty foods and drink alcoholic beverages, it is easier to release the toxins inside the body after taking 3-4 cups of the mixture within 24 hours. Believe me, this kind of natural home remedy is very effective and inexpensive too. You do not have to spend money because you can ask someone in your place with Malunggay leaves to give you without paying a single centavo.

If you have your own backyard, you can easily plant the stem of this tree because it can grow even without the roots. You only need to bury the stem and let it grow alone. Remember that you can benefit from the Malunggay tree because you can use the leaves and fruits for different cooking and healing purposes.

Before I conclude, I just want to tell you a very intriguing traditional belief about this amazing tree.

I also heard some stories when I visited some provinces in the Visayan region that planting this kind of tree can also help in preventing evil spirits that might surround your house. I cannot yet prove this one but I really talked to some people out there and they told me about this belief.

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