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baking-sodaWhen I was still living with the aunt in Carmen Ville, I remember what she did to keep her teeth healthy and shiny. Auntie Consuelo is actually using baking soda to cleanse her teeth after brushing with toothpaste. I was actually in elementary then and whenever she brushes her teeth; I observe and ask her on what she is doing.

My aunt is already living in the US now but whenever I got the chance to chat with her online, I still ask her about using baking soda to keep her teeth cleaner and shinier. So now, I want to share a story on how she does the process. I remember that when she starts brushing her teeth, she uses toothpaste then washes her mouth before brushing her teeth again with baking soda for about 3-5 minutes. She always tells me that by brushing the teeth with natural baking soda, it can eliminate the dirt properly and kills the bacteria effectively.

Auntie Consuelo told me that he actually learned that technique from her friend when she is still working at the Clark Air Base commissary. Cindy (her friend) told my aunt that by brushing the teeth with natural baking soda, it prevents discoloration and keeping the gums healthier as well. According to her friend, her mom shared the health benefits of baking soda in keeping her pearly white teeth since she was teenager. For the past years, their entire family is doing the same brushing technique and continues to benefit without spending more cash only to visit a dentist for checkup.

My auntie shared to me the exact brushing technique that it is important that the toothbrush is dry before dipping it into the baking soda. When brushing the teeth, I must not mix it with water to make the process more effective. By simply scrubbing on all sides of the teeth inside the mouth, it will help cleanse the gums and teeth to eliminate the bacteria. Auntie Consuelo told me that for best result, I must repeat the process at least 2-3 times a day or when consuming foods that contain harsh ingredients that can stain the teeth. She likewise remind me that it is important to make this as a daily habit because treasuring the teeth can make us healthier also as we age.

I truly appreciate this kind of natural remedy from my aunt and because of my curiosity; I took advantage of using the Internet to discover more health benefits when using baking soda. Of course, I focused my research on other possible strategies to whiten my teeth and keep my gums healthier too. After completing my research, I discovered other useful methods that can help us maintain healthier and shiner teeth. Please allow me to share my researched benefits below and start brushing your teeth with baking soda.

The first thing I discovered is that we can actually brush our teeth with hydrogen peroxide first and then afterward, do the process of brushing the teeth with baking soda. You only need to drop a little amount of hydrogen peroxide on a cup of water and dip your toothbrush then brush your teeth properly. Just a reminder though, you only need to do this process one time in a day and like me, I do it before bedtime. Of course, do not swallow the substance because this is dangerous for your health. In most cases, you will discover great results after 2-3 months if you do the process for the first time. This kind of technique is somehow more advantageous that using expensive mouthwash.

Another very interesting health benefit that I discovered when brushing our teeth with baking soda is that we need to balance our diet too. Yes, you heard it right! Balance dieting is important to keep out teeth healthier and the most effective diet is to avoid eating sugary foods. I recall when I visited our dentist few months ago; he told me that some of the teeth have tooth decay already. He asked me about my daily diet and vices. Well, I told him that I love eating sweets, fatty foods and drinking alcoholic beverages on occasion. After hearing this, Dr. David told me that I should stay away from eating sugary foods because these cause the decay and discoloration of the teeth. He added that many Filipinos are not aware of this and so they continue to suffer from minor to severe toothaches. This is actually true and I am one of those in the past few years until I start improving my hygiene and wellness to keep my teeth stronger.

As you can see, using baking soda after brushing with toothpaste is very effective in cleaning the teeth. However, it is still best that you balance your diet like what I did. Remember that this type of natural remedy is only effective if you do the process better and discipline yourselves correctly.

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