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hemorrhoidIf you are sincere in determining effective home remedies for hemorrhoids, there are several options today and you simply need to find them. Of course, it is a little surprising because even if you read actual medical books or use the Internet to research, you will learn that they are existing and benefited many sufferers worldwide.

Many people are suffering from this kind of ailment because it is a typical health condition. In most cases, they are those who follow incorrect diet, eat low fiber foods, eats breads with processed flour and more. Because of this, these people experience too much abdominal pressure and affect their blood circulation, especially when they need to go to the toilet.

How do hemorrhoids develop quicker? As soon as the rectal wall felt weak because of the extreme pressure, this kind of health problem easily manifest and there will be inflamed blood vessels on the affected area. Usually, the damage and pain is inside the rectal or anus area, which medical experts consider as internal hemorrhoid. Definitely, this is a very annoying health condition and makes a sufferer irritated. However, an external hemorrhoid is more painful and causes serious bleeding.

Here are the usual causes of this particular health problem:

  • Can manifest due to constipation
  • Due to severe diarrhea
  • Can manifest after a woman gave birth
  • Due to following unhealthy diet
  • When a person is overweight
  • Can manifest if the cough is severe already
  • When the body is physically tired
  • Too much consumption of low fiber foods
  • Due to heredity
  • Can be a result of aging process
  • Can manifest when sitting for several hours
  • Due to stress or tension and more

To avoid experiencing this kind of problem, there are impressive natural remedies that you can find at home. If you want to learn more about these solutions, continue reading this article to guide you in discovering them.

  • Garlic

We all know that Garlic is wide known an herbal spice for various foods, but the most interesting factor about it is that you can use this as natural remedy to treating various health conditions. Like when treating an external hemorrhoid, the treatment is not difficult by just applying a slice Garlic on the affected area. Although there will be a minor pain reaction once touching the infected body part, this helps much in killing the infection and in reducing the swelling naturally. Because this option is available inside your kitchen, you save more while curing the problem better.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a known natural cure for hair loss, but it is also a powerful home remedy when treating hemorrhoids. Even though many are not aware of this benefit, using this herbal plant to heal hemorrhoids already existed for many years. When treating an internal problem, the process of treatment involves peeling the skin of the plant and rubbing the jelly surface on the anus slowly. Usually, it is important to insert the jelly portion to heal the wound faster. As for the external problem, it is as simple as rubbing the peeled Aloe Vera on the affected area.

  • Sitz Bath

For those who are not familiar with this kind of bathing, it involves filling a tub positioned on the toilet bowl. The tubhemorrhoid- contains warm water to immerse the buttocks of the affected person. With this kind of natural healing procedure, it helps in reducing the pain and inflammation to make the person feels comfortable. For best result, it is important to stay on the tub for about 10 minutes then repeating the process twice a day within one week. This kind of home treatment is proven effective and helped many sufferers without depending on medicinal drugs.

  • High Fiber Foods

If you observe people who consider high fiber diet, they do not easily suffer from hemorrhoids. Because they eat the right amount of fiber on a regular basis, they do not experience discomfort when going to the toilet because they easily pass off soft and normal stools. Likewise, it is very important to drink enough of water daily because this is crucial in keeping the body active to improve blood circulation.

  • Eat More Fruits and Veggies

When treating an internal or external hemorrhoid, this is a recommended natural remedy to defeat the problem effectively. By eating more fresh fruits and veggies, this allows the body gets the right nourishment to maintain normal stool and preventing such health issue. Likewise, it is important not to pass stools at night because this is a main culprit that can trigger hemorrhoid.


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