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Do you know what a Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) is? Well, this is a kind of evergreen herbal plant containing remarkable nutrients and powerful healing substances. According to the history of the Ancient Egyptians, they use this mint herb for different embalming methods and it likewise serves as relaxing incense. Because of containing quality antioxidant properties, health experts began to prove its benefits in killing cancerous cells inside the body and in curing various health disorders.

Nowadays, people around the world use this type of perennial plant both for cooking and medicinal purposes. The market now offers countless of herbal products that contain Thyme Oil as their main ingredient. Likewise, they use this essential oil for different homeopathic remedies and if we talk about countries that produce the best items, these include Spain and France. Since the 16th century, it continues to gain popularity because of treating various health risks in natural ways.

Here are the proven health benefits when using Thyme as natural remedy:

  • Can Boost the Immune System

Because this type of herbal plant contains natural vitamin A and C complex, it helps in boosting the immune system of the body. With this kind of benefit, it is easier to defeat certain illnesses like cough, cold and flu. When using the essential oil to prevent cough, this is an effective homeopathic cure because it can likewise prevent acute bronchitis symptoms to help the patient regain his or her normal strength. Another proven effective solution to improve the defense mechanism of the body is to drink Thyme tea with a teaspoon of honey on a regular basis. This kind of herbal beverage is an effective remedy in treating high fever.

thyme-There are helpful procedures when creating Thyme Syrup and a health expert shared one of them online, which originate from France:

Ingredients needed:

4 ounces of Thyme Flowers and Leaves (Fresh or dried)

1 cup of Pure Honey Extract (Medium cup)

Water (1 quart)


In a low heat saucepan, mix water and the leaves, cover and flowers then let it simmer until the stream comes out and the mixture is almost 50 percent on the saucepan. After straining the liquid into a clear jar, add the Pure Honey Extract and mix well while warm. It is important to store the jar for one month inside the refrigerator.

How important to keep it refrigerated for one month? By doing this, the mixture becomes stronger and can definitely provide the exact health benefits that the body needs. When taking the syrup, a person can consume at least 1 tablespoon and this is enough to cure health problems such as cough, cold and flu. With this kind of herbal syrup, it provides the exact comfort to the aching throat.

  • Can Treat Acne Naturally

Based on the studies conducted from the Leeds Metropolitan University in England, using tinctures from Thyme can help treat Acne naturally. The scientific researches proved that the powerful herbal substances of this plant could kill the bacteria faster. These experts also revealed that as opposed to using Benzoyl Peroxide (a popular substance found in various skin care products on the market), this herbal plant is more beneficial. On this kind of health advantage, it is advisable to consider using creams or ointments containing Thyme tinctures to eliminate this type of skin problem without negative effects.

Because this kind of herbal plant does not smell awful, makers of skin care products use it without hesitation to produce high quality items. Moreover, the anti-fungal properties of this plant become more popular in making herbal mouthwash. It is however important not to apply the pure extract directly on the skin area because there are some reports that this might cause irritation or redness.

  • thyme-1Can Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection 

Yeast infection is a disappointing type of disease because it can affect the sensitive organs of the body, particularly the vagina. Without proper treatment, this kind of infection may reoccur and makes the condition severe then trigger discomfort. According to the studies published on the Planta Medica journal, using the essential oil of Thyme can kill the fungus (Candida Albicans) that caused the Vaginal Yeast Infection. In some cases, this disease can affect the mouth and so it is very important to have the best home remedy to overcome the problem.

  • Can Reduce Weight in Natural Manner

From the studies published on the website of the Mayo Clinic, an idea to include 1-2 teaspoon of pure Thyme extract on the daily diet can help prevent obesity and helps the body to reduce unwanted weight naturally. Because it contains powerful substance that can prevent high blood pressure, this is also a beneficial home treatment to keep the heart healthy. Likewise, the natural fat-burning substance of this ancient herb can eliminate the unhealthy fats and calories inside the body.

  • Can Treat Indigestion   

When a person suffering from indigestion consumes a cup of natural Thyme Tea, this aids in treating indigestion and improves the digestive system effectively. With the natural minerals coming from this powerful herbal plant, the stomach can quickly prevent bloating, gas spasm, acid and possible intestinal cramp. Remember that the gas accumulate faster when the intestines and stomach are not functioning normally. By drinking this kind of herbal tea, it helps the stomach in eliminating the discomfort and provides the best relief for indigestion.

For the past centuries, Thyme is one of the most popular aromatherapy solutions even in the Mediterranean region. Besides using it in preparing various delectable cuisines, they also consider this as a popular natural detoxifying agent to cleanse the different organs of the body. Many health experts proved that with the remarkable health benefits of this ancient herb, it definitely continues to provide the best remedy in treating various diseases for the years to come.


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