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For the past thousand years, countless of Chinese and Native Americans have been using Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum) as one of the best natural solutions to treat various health issues. Because of containing powerful substances that benefits the body greatly, health experts consider this spice as among the best detoxifying agents in eliminating the free radicals or toxins inside the body.


Before we talk about the health benefits when using this type of herb, it is important to determine its origin, scientific or alternative terms and important usages. Typically, they use Cayenne in various spicy food preparations worldwide and it originally came in the Central America and in the Southern region as well. The name itself originates from the French Guiana City and considered as a family of the famous Jalapeño Chili Peppers. What makes this herb spicy is because it contains Capsaicin, which is a powerful active ingredient in helping treat different health conditions naturally.

Here are some of the natural components of this type of chili that makes it a potent antioxidant:

  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Flavonoids
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Niacin

Without a doubt, this type of spicy herb is one of the most effective natural cures in treating various diseases in a natural manner. It can treat these diseases even without taking prescribed medicines, yet it is important to learn the exact amount to use and the possible negative issues when using Capsicum.

To improve our understanding about these curable diseases, these include the following:

Heart Problem  

Based on the studies of some professional doctors, this healthful chili can help treat heart problem naturally. Like the revealed information online from Dr. John Christopher, he was able to help a patient who is suffering from heart attack by providing the person one glass of water (lukewarm) with Capsicum (one teaspoon). Even though there is no direct confirmation on how this herb treated the problem, the reaction after drinking the mixture showed a positive result involving the patient.

Because of this, they now consider this healthful drink as an effective alternative medicine to treating heart problem when taken orally on a regular basis. This kind of natural treatment certainly revealed the health benefits of Cayenne, which include maintaining the exact level of blood pressure and balancing the levels of LDL cholesterol.  Moreover, it improves blood circulation to keep the body healthier because of preventing blockages in the arteries and veins that usually trigger blood clots.

Muscle Pain due to Arthritis 

This particular herb is a very powerful solution when it comes to treating muscle pain due to Arthritis. Because it contains Capsaicin, it helps the body in eliminating the discomfort gradually to bring back the mobility of the joints without the painful sensation that affect the muscles. To complete the process of treatment, a sufferer needs to combine 3 teaspoon of Olive Oil and 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne powder. After mixing it well, it is important to apply the oil on the affect area but not in extreme amount to prevent the intense burning sensation. The application must be in moderation only and need to repeat the process twice a day for one week to see positive results.

With this kind of health benefit, we may consider this natural aromatic plant as an effective solution to prevent muscular pain and providing the exact relief for the joints. This will definitely help a sufferer regain his or her strength and keeping the arthritis at bay.

Delirium Tremens 

For those who are not familiar with this health condition, a sufferer usually experiences delirium and minor trembling during the onset. He or she cannot sleep well at night and reveals indication of consistent chattering. When observing the actual appearance of the patient, he or she looks weary, perspires constantly, with shaky hands, faster heartbeat and trembling tongue.  Although this is a treatable disease, it is important for people who monitor a patient with this condition to determine any undesirable reaction because there are instances this triggers a suicidal instinct. This happens due to having negativities in mind that haunts the person seriously.

To treat Delirium Tremens naturally, it is possible to use Cayenne in helping the sufferer regain his or her normal condition. The procedure is easier to follow by simply combining one dose of Capsicum (powdered form), few dashes of natural sugar and cinnamon in a cup of hot water to create a powerful beverage in defeating the problem. To help the patient live normally again, it is best to drink such beverage at least 1-2 cups per day, but needs to research added information to prevent any inconvenience.


This kind of condition is very annoying, considered as a chronic autoimmune disease and primarily affects the skin cayenne-area. Even though this is not a contagious health issue, it is important to find the best treatment to stop the inflammation, itchiness and discomfort. In most cases, the appearance of Psoriasis is scaly, reddish in color and like a patch on the skin. The most usual body parts affected with this problem include:

  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Ears
  • Buttocks
  • Navel and
  • Genital areas

When treating the problem in a natural way, there are studies about using Cayenne as an effective topical remedy. Because this type of ancient herbal plant contains Substance P, it can eliminate the reddish patches on the skin without taking medicinal drugs. This particular substance depletes the severe problem of the skin when a patient applies the topical cream (made of pure Capsaicin), as it helps in reducing the inflammation and restores the normal appearance of the affected skin areas naturally. However, it is very important to apply the exact amount to prevent any discomfort because this herb can triggers a burning sensation on the skin. Based on the studies, the completion of the treatment may last for at least 1-2 months to eliminate the patches at once.

Oral Stomatitis

This health problem is popular as mouth soreness and it triggers severe pain, which an individual can acquire due to undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Once the condition becomes worst, it will be very difficult for the affected person to chew and ingest foods inside the mouth. In addition, a person affected with this disease cannot speak normally because of experiencing discomfort in the mouth. In most cases, the affected areas may include the lips, gums, tongue and cheeks.

To help treat Oral Stomatitis with Cayenne, it is important to learn an effective home remedy through creating “Cayenne Taffy” for the treatment. One of the most trusted procedures when creating this kind of stuff came from an expert dentist known as Dr. Mark who shared his tips online. The procedure is not difficult because a sufferer only needs to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Cayenne Pepper (1/2  teaspoon)
  • Cornstarch (1 tablespoons)
  • Butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Natural Salt (1 teaspoons)
  • Corn syrup (1 cup)
  • Sugar (1 cup)
  • Vanilla extract (2 teaspoons)

cayenne-1Exact preparation:

Separate the Cayenne Pepper and Vanilla extract, and then combine all the remaining ingredients in a saucepan with medium heat. It is important to dissolve the ingredients properly by stirring continuously before removing from the heat. After completing this process, remove from the heat them mix the pepper and vanilla until cold. With this kind of mixture, a patient creates pieces of herbal taffies that he or she can eat in treating this kind of problem. Because of the spicy elements of the pepper, this helps in reducing the soreness and pain.

As we can see, these are only few of the many diseases that are curable using this powerful spicy chili. It continues to become a popular homeopathic remedy because of assuring great health benefits and very economical to use, compared to buying expensive medicines on the market. Moreover, it provides the exact nutrition for the body to keep its normal strength.

It is however very important to determine some potential side effects when using this herbal remedy such as eye irritation, coughing and stomach acid due to its spicy taste. To prevent any of these concerns, we need to spend time doing additional research to improve our awareness wand benefit from using it as a natural treatment solution at home.


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