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Bad breath (halitosis) is a kind of disappointing medical condition for the affected person. It usually happens when abad breath person eats flavored foods with strong odor like garlic, onions and more. Other issues that trigger this kind of concern include improper dental hygiene, tobacco smoking and certain diseases. According to some medical experts, the condition of bad breath can manifest from an oral cavity source traced as bacteria that produce the sulfur compound.

If you are one of the many individuals who are suffering from this kind of health issue, it is important that you show courage to treat your problem and not letting you affects your disposition seriously. I want you to remember that bad breath is a difficult condition to defeat, especially if it lasted for couple of years. Although there are over-the-counter medicines to treat the problem, this does not assure you that it will not reoccur again because it involves the bacteria inside your mouth already.

Definitely, an awful smell that comes from your mouth whenever you breathe can become an obscure issue that affects your overall way of life. Because this health concern is very annoying and uncomfortable, it affects your social life when you are talking to other people. To eradicate the problem and help you live normally again, there are important natural home remedies that can help eliminate this annoying condition properly.

Here are some best and proven home cures to defeat bad breath:

  • Eating unripe guava

bad breath-Perhaps many of us are not familiar on this particular natural remedy to deal with halitosis or bad breath. However, this healthful fruit contains the exact nutrients that can kill the bacteria faster and eradicating the main culprit easily. When you chew an unripe guava, this likewise allows you to cleanse your gums and teeth to prevent bleeding that usually trigger the problem. Moreover, you can also chew some fresh leaves because this is helpful in killing the free radicals that causes other infections. By the way, you do not have to swallow the leaves once you tasted the extract inside your mouth.

  • Eating fresh avocado 

Did you know that this is one of the most successful home treatments to eliminate bad breath? Yes you heard it right because when you eat fresh avocado, it is a superior and healthful mouth lotion that can quickly eradicate the intestinal parasites that causes the problem. Of course, this is a very inexpensive solution because avocado fruits are not that expensive to buy and you can even get one from your backyard.

  • Chewing mint-flavored gums

This is another very simple yet interesting remedy to cure bad breath naturally. By chewing mint-flavored gums, it serves as an effective mouthwash to eliminate the awful smell when you breathe. However, it is also important to determine any unwanted concern when chewing gums regularly.

  • Creating an herbal mouthwash

You can also create your own herbal mouthwash by combining parsley and ground cloves in a boiling 2 cups of water. After cooling the mixture, you can already use it as natural herbal mouthwash to eliminate your halitosis. To make the mixture effective, you need to gargle it for 3-5 times a day for best results.

  • Flossing the teeth properly

If you are not familiar with this one, this is an effective natural solution to prevent bad breath. By flossing your teethbad breath-1 properly after brushing, this helps in removing the small particles from the foods you eat. When you floss your teeth, make sure that you clean all trapped particles in between your gums and teeth.

  • Gargling baking soda mixture

This is an effective natural treatment solution that can help you prevent such health problem while staying home. You only need dissolve 2 tablespoon of baking soda in water and can use the mixture in cleaning your mouth, particularly your tongue. By doing this, it is not difficult to eliminate the foul odor when you are breathing.

Remember that there are many scientific researches with the intention to understand how bad breath can manifest due to the populating bacteria inside the mouth. They want to prove on why even if a person is brushing his/her mouths. In addition, many researchers now include their studies about these effective home remedies to defeat such discouraging medical condition. For some individuals who cannot easily overcome the problem, they usually spend huge amount to seek for a professional advice.

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