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diarrheaI know that many of us are experiencing Diarrhea and it can affect us anytime of the day. My question is, are you familiar with this kind of health issue? Do you know why it occurs unexpectedly and can bother us greatly?

Remember that these are only two important questions that we need to clear better. Of course, I will help you answer them and later on will share a few interesting home remedies to combat Diarrhea naturally.

This kind of health problem manifests when the digestive system is unhealthy and not functioning properly. As a result, you experience frequent watery stools and needs to visit the toilet more than three times a day. When I am doing research online, I found out that it can manifest due to severe bacterial infections or whenever we eat foods that can trigger food intolerance. If this happens, you will feel extreme pain in the abdomen of which I experienced already.

I remember my friend from Cavite few years ago who shared to me some interesting natural remedies for Diarrhea. His name is Adolfo and because he lives in a remote area, my friend is familiar on the different herbal solutions to treating this kind if problem. By the way, he shared me the following natural cures because I saw him treating her daughter that time after asking him.

Okay, let’s talk first about the natural healing properties of ginger. Adolfo told me that ginger can help in eliminating the pain in the abdomen, which then reduces the possibility of loose or watery stools. From his explanation, you need to mix a tablespoon of pure honey extract and a piece of grated ginger in a small platter. To treat the problem, you must eat the mixture to help your digestive system function properly. He told me that after eating the mixture, it is important not to eat or drink anything for 15 minutes to allow the gastric juice take effect.

Another very interesting home natural treatment for Diarrhea is to create your own tea using ginger. He explained to diarrhea-me that by boiling a cup of water and a piece of crushed ginger, this produces a healthful teat that can treat loose bowel movement and abdominal pain. My friend had tried this kind of remedy for years and he is successful in treating such health issue naturally. With this kind of treatment using ginger, I saw great improvement with the condition of Trisha (her daughter) within an hour already because she looks comfortable already.

As we continue our conversation in their garage, I shared to him about eating banana to treat this kind of stomach problem. I actually learned this natural treatment from my late grandmother because she always gives us ripe bananas when experiencing Diarrhea. I told Adolfo that by eating at least 2-3 bananas the whole day, this helps much in eliminating the watery stools to pass off normally again. My grandmother also told me that it is best to eat plain crackers and not to eat fatty or sugary foods for at least 3 days to stop the problem at once. Of course, I proved this natural remedy and I know that it can benefit you or your love ones too.

Before I leave Cavite in the afternoon, my friend was able to share me his last tip to overcome loose stools in a natural manner. Adolfo told me that during the healing process, it is important not to eat any kind of foods; rather, focus on eating plain or bland white rice only. He told me that with this kind of approach, it will be easier to reduce the amount of watery stools because your digestive system starts to dissolve the rice. Just a reminder though, you need to eat a cup of plain rice and drink a sports water to prevent dehydration as well.

It was around 6 pm when I left his place and I thanked him for sharing his knowledge about some home remedies in treating Diarrhea. Before leaving their house, I saw her daughter smiling with her playmates that I believed a sign of relief against her stomach problem. Trisha’s smile gave me an opportunity to defeat my worries in case my kids need natural treatment to fight Diarrhea or abdominal pain.

diarrhea-1Right before I end my story here, I also want to share an intriguing natural remedy that I learned from retired Sgt. Peralta. I had the chance to talk to him few weeks ago when I visited the farm of my wife’s uncle. We discussed about stomachache and so he told us about drinking a half cup of black coffee without sugar to eliminate the pain. He explained that after taking the bitter black coffee, it helps the stomach in releasing the loose stools and provide the exact comfort within 30-40 minutes. Sgt. Peralta told us that most of his friends before had benefited from this kind of natural treatment.

Remember that what I shared on my story can help you defeat a health problem like Diarrhea in a natural way. The people who shared me the different home remedies already proved the effectiveness and safeness of their shared natural treatments, which I believe can benefit you and all the other readers out there.

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