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1Gout is a condition that basically affects the large joint of the big toe. It is important to get rid of this condition if you want to have a life free from any problems. Gout is painful, which might leave you sidelined in your daily activities. Also, this condition can affect other parts of the body, including the hands, the wrists and the knees. If you suffer from gout, the affected joint will turn red and become inflamed. Gout symptoms usually take place at night, which could possibly affect the quality of your sleep. Today, there are different treatments used to treat gout, but you have to ensure to know the home remedies first. The home remedies for gout are effective, let alone cheap. Compared to the medicines you can normally purchase in a drugstore, the home remedies for the condition are available at home.

You can likewise purchase them in the market. These natural treatments are helpful and they are effective. The fact that they do not cost too much can help you have the idea that it is not an issue of getting rid of gout without spending a fortune. Nevertheless, although these natural treatments are effective, they have different effects for the people. The level of relief that they can offer may vary from one person to another, which is why it is likewise important to seek help from a physician. A doctor will provide ways how to get rid of gout with the use of the home remedies. In particular, knowing the signs and symptoms of the condition has to be considered to treat it efficiently.

Signs And Symptoms Of Gout A Person Could Possibly Encounter

To help you treat the condition at its root cause, the signs and symptoms must be known. These are the most evident signs and symptoms of gout:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Red or purplish skin around the affected area
  • Limited movement
  • Itchiness of the affected area
  • Peeling of the skin around the affected site

However, not all people suffering from gout may experience many painful attacks. Gout might lead to the inflammation of the fluid sacs that protect the tissues in the elbow and the knee. Also, the symptoms may take place flowing a surgery or an illness. Gout may first come as nodules found in the hands, elbows or the ears.

The Benefits Of Using The Excellent Home Remedies For Gout Treatment

If you have a gout condition, and you want to be free from it, then you have to make sure to consider the most excellent home remedies to get rid of it. Today, there are different gout remedies, which is why you have to ensure that you will get the best. Trying these remedies will not pose any threat to your health. The best part about the home remedies for gout is that they will not only cure the condition. They also help in the overall improvement of the health of a person suffering gout.

01. Apple Cider Vinegar As A Gout Treatment

3One of the most effective home remedies for gout is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is being used for many years now. As a matter of fact, it has helped people in the ancient times as an effective remedy for various ailments.

If you do not want to use any over-the-counter medications to treat gout, then you have to at least consider the natural remedy such as apple cider vinegar. It does not pose any side effects to your health, which is why there is nothing wrong if you will take this as a home treatment for gout. You can prepare the apple cider vinegar as a gout treatment either as a drink or as a topical agent.

  • Drink – In order to help you get rid of gout, you have to consider adding apple cider vinegar to your diet. Preparing it as a drink will help relieve the pain in the affected site. It can significantly decrease the inflammation and the pain. Preparing it as a drink is simple. First, you have to prepare a glass of water, two tablespoons of honey, and two teaspoons of the main ingredient; apple cider vinegar. Then, mix all three to create a concoction powerful enough to keep gout symptoms at bay. Drink the mixture three times every day for better results.
  • As a topical agent – Apple cider vinegar can also be prepared as a topical agent. Like the apple cider vinegar drink, this is easy to prepare. Soak a clean cloth in a raw apple cider vinegar. Wrap the cloth around the affected area. Leave if these for about 15 minutes. This helps to lessen the swelling and the pain. Or, you have to soak your feet in a bowl of apple cider vinegar.

02. The Wonders Of Epsom Salt Against Gout


Epsom salt is also known to have benefits in the prevention of gout. It is a versatile home remedy that can treat several diseases, and it can likewise be used as a beauty product. All in all, Epsom salt is good for the health, as it has tons of advantages as a natural remedy. Here are some of the most notable effects of Epsom salt for the treatment of gout:


  • Improvement of the muscle and the nerve – Epsom salt helps in the regulation of the electrolytes in the body. This makes sure that the nerves and the muscle, along with the essential body enzymes, will be optimized. As a result, they will function the way they should be. If your muscle and nerves are functioning 100%, then you can get rid of the inflammation brought by gout. Epsom salt also has high contents of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium helps the body to likewise produce sufficient amount of calcium.
  • Prevention of pain and muscle cramp – Pain is evident for people suffering from gout. Using Epsom salt when taking a bath can help in the relief of the pain and any inflammation that could be brought by gout. Likewise, Epsom salt has a healing factor. Soaking the affected joint in water mixed with Epsom salt can help cure it, and give you a soothing effect. You will feel the result right away.
  • Reduction of the amount of uric acid – We all know that gout takes place because of the high amount of uric acid in the body. Mix Epsom salt with water and soak the affected part to it. The magnesium and the sulfate contents of the Epsom salt will then be absorbed into the skin. This helps to diminish the pain. You can do it three times every week.

03. Baking Soda For The Overall Treatment Of Gout


Baking Soda is another efficient home remedy for gout. Basically, not all people have similar levels of pH. Some people are alkalinic, while some are acidic. The pH level is measured from 0 to 14. In particular, pH 7 is the neutral pH of an average person. Any pH level below 7 is considered acidic, and any pH level above 7 is alkalinic. Basically, baking soda can help increase the level of the pH in the blood and the body fluid. It helps bring the uric acid to its soluble state. Uric acid has to be soluble to be easily eliminated away from the body via kidneys. Not only will it help in the restoration of the pH level in the body. It will likewise optimize the health. Here are the benefits of baking soda in the eliminate of gout:

  • Baking soda as water ionizers – Water ionizers help in the overall treatment of gout. It is a natural home remedy that can provide ways to help eliminate gout and all its symptoms. Water ionizers help in the correction of the supply of water in the body. This will provide help to adjust the pH level in the body, making the uric acid more soluble. It means that the uric acid in the body will easily be discarded, therefore, eliminating any signs of gout.
  • Alkaline water as a gout treatment – Alkaline water is easy to prepare. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in water. Then, drink it. You can have five glasses of alkaline water each day for better results.

04. Try Lemon To Get Rid Of Gout Effectively


Lemon is a good way to prevent gout. It has benefits that can provide for the efficient treatment of gout. It is a natural source of vitamin C, along with all the vitamins and nutrients essential for the health. Lemon is a versatile natural remedy for gout. It does not only help eliminate gout, but it can also help get rid of nose bleeding, anemia, constipation and headache.


Preparing lemon as a natural treatment for gout is just easy. Take advantage of the interventions mentioned below to treat gout using lemon:

  • First, you have to take the juice from the lemon and combine it with a glass full of water. Take note that there are about three tablespoons of lemon juice in one lemon. After you have mixed the mixture, you can drink it three times per day. Make sure that you will drink it one in the morning, in the afternoon, and one glass at night. Make sure that you will do it on a regular basis to diminish the high levels of the uric acid in the body. You can get better and quicker results if you take it on a regular basis.
  • Second, you have to prepare one lemon along with baking soda and a glass of water. This can be done for people suffering from severe cases of gout. With a half tablespoon of baking soda, mix one fresh lemon extract with a glass of water. Make sure that it is ready to drink. This can help regulate the level of the uric acid in the body, which is essential to get rid of gout once and for all.

05. A Banana A Day Keeps Gout At Bay


Would you like to get rid of gout and at the same time eat bananas? Well, you can. Bananas, like other types of fresh fruits, contain the least amount of purine. We all know that purine is one of the reasons why a person develops gout. High-purine foods like meat extracts, seafoods and sauces should be avoided to get rid of gout. Bananas are among the food that you can eat. To help treat gout, you have to at least eat two to four servings every day. Also, a banana contains vitamin C, which can likewise play a role to lower the risk of gout.

To help you have a low-purine diet and follow the best ways to get rid of gout, you have to fill your plate with half of the foods low in purine levels. Ensure that you will likewise consume low-fat dairy products to help curb the symptoms of gout and eventually eliminate the condition once and for all.

How These Remedies Should Be Taken For The Complete Treatment Of Gout

These home remedies for gout should be taken on a regular basis, otherwise, they will not do you any good in terms of preventing gout and its signs and symptoms. Gout is a painful condition; one that my father has suffered from in the past few years.

He liked eating foods rich in purine, which is why the condition took place and it has affected his health for a while. He could not walk normally, as if he was limping just to get to the dining area. It pained us to see him like that, which is why I took the matter seriously and searched online about the best ways to prevent gout and all of its symptoms. We started out by getting rid of the foods that may only exacerbate the condition.

We stripped off meat and meat extracts, and the other foods rich in purine from his diet. Likewise, we encouraged him to modify his lifestyle. Now, he regularly jogs in the park. Most of the time, my mother and I also join him jogging. It appears like a family bonding, and at the same time, we are sure that different conditions will not affect him anytime soon. It has been six months since his last gout attack. So far, he is enjoying his life free from any health problems.

Overall, if you want to get rid of gout, you have to consider these home remedies, and the essential lifestyle modifications. While you are at it, follow all these guidelines religiously to ensure great results. It might take time to get the results that you wanted, but it is all worth it.

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