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Lemon is one the most essential ingredients in doing body detoxification.

More and more people are becoming health conscious nowadays. Wherever you go, you see them doing cardio exercises at the park, or wherever they can exercise. I believe one of the reasons why people are more health conscious than before is the quick relay of information online. As you go online, you see the ways to keep your body healthy. However, some people think that fad diets are the best thing to help make their body healthier, when in fact they are not.

Dedication is important, and it plays a major role for your health to stay at its maximum state. Nevertheless, most people look for the best results overnight. A lot of people do not know that if they want to attain the best quality of health, they have to wait for the right time. They can do so if they will commit themselves into living a healthy life, eating healthy foods and of course, incorporating the best exercises to renew their health. For once, detox is a great method to help rejuvenate your health.

What Is Detox?

When you hear about the word “detox”, what comes in your mind? A lot of people, in my experience, do not know the real essence of detoxification. They believe that it is a method too overwhelming that they cannot commit to it; even if the results are impressive for the health. Basically, detox is a method to help flush toxins away from the body. Nonetheless, they are a bit risky and there could be a complication if not done correctly.

Detox ranges from the foods that you can eat and those that you cannot. You can be engaged to fasting, or by just drinking water or other healthy liquids. This thought alone poses a great challenge for people who suppose they cannot undergo this type of strict diet regimen. A detox cleanse can offer a stellar difference in terms of health, and how you feel in the coming weeks after you have finished the detox plan. Detox is said to help not only get rid of the excess weight away from the body. It can likewise lose excess fluid, reboot your health and make you look and feel younger.

Who Is Entitled To A Detox Cleanse?

People who want to lose weight and rejuvenate their health are entitled to a detox cleanse, given the fact that they do not have any underlying diseases. This is important to ensure that there will be no repercussions that will happen if they do the detox cleanse. The idea behind this diet is to help the body get the break it sorely needs by freeing up the energy. This energy can help to make the cells, tissues and the organs in the body to work effectively once more.

Teens should not try detox. Teens are active by nature, and they get lots of nutritional goods from eating the foods they wanted. However, make sure that these foods are healthy. Some teenagers might be at risk if they undergo detox diets. Also, detox is not ideal for pregnant women and for people with an eating disorder. This is important to take note to avoid any problems regarding health.

Moreover, if a person can take advantage of this particular program, he/she must not dive in deeply to the core of the detox cleanse right away, especially if it is his/her first time. This will only pose a problem not only in finishing the program, but also in his/her health. If you want to become successful with this diet plan, then you have to modify your lifestyle. In particular, the “pretox” strategies will help you prepare for the actual detox cleanse.

When You Must Do The Pretox Phase?

To prepare for the detox cleanse, make sure that you cut all the bad habits in your life. Lifestyle modification is important for the detox to work. Here are the things that you have to change to prepare for the detox cleanse:

  • Limit sugar intake – If you have a sweet-tooth, then you have to change it for good. A week before the anticipated detox cleanse, you have to cut down the consumption of sugar, including the sugar-rich foods.
  • Get adequate sleep – Another important factor to prepare your body is to get adequate sleep regularly. Sleeping alone can help boost your health and get rid of any threats that may pose a problem to you. Also, sleeping at least eight hours a day is sufficient to help nourish your immune system.
  • Limit alcohol intake – Alcohol tends to affect your body by dehydrating it and depriving it of the important nutrients that you need. As much as possible, if you can, you have to quit drinking alcohol. This is essential if you wish to have the best results coming from a detox cleanse.
  • Stay hydrated – If you wish to jump-start your health prior to a detox, then you have to stay hydrated. Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water every day will help flush the toxins away from the body and reduce bloating. It also helps in clearing the skin. Furthermore, if you are a coffeeholic, now is the time to cut down your caffeine intake. Caffeine is known to stimulate the release of the hormone known as cortisol, which increases the fat in the abdominal area.
  • Eat easy-to-digest foods – Prior to the detox cleanse, you must prep your body by eating foods that can be digested easily. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before you head out to buy foods, make sure that you have a list of the super foods that are healthy.

Our Three-Day Detox Cleanse Plan To Help Revitalize Your Health

Now that you are prepped, our detox cleanse focuses on helping revitalize your health for a period of three days. If you want to get the best results, then you have to make sure to dedicate yourself to this particular plan. This will help you prevent any health problems, giving way for your health to be at its topmost level.

  • Consume foods rich in antioxidants – Concentrate on eating foods with high levels of antioxidants. Examples of these foods are green leafy vegetables, bright-colored fruit and beans. Antioxidants found in these foods help trigger the liver enzymes that flush away the harmful substances in the body.
  • Eat clean – If you want to get rid of the harmful substances away the body and prevent it from coming back, then you must not eat any processed foods. They contain ingredients that could pose a threat to your health without you realizing it. Eat healthy foods, which are being produced naturally without any chemicals involved.
  • The bottom-line is that you do not want to eat any foods containing the toxins you are trying to get rid away from your body.
  • Detox teas are a must – You can now prepare a detox tea from your home! A combination of dandelion, ginger and licorice will make up a detox tea worthy of helping your body be free of harmful substances.
  • Exercise – Following a detox cleanse, you have to make sure to sweat it all out. Exercise is what our body needs to release more toxins. If you combine high-intensity workouts like running and cycling with a detox plan, then you are on the right track of getting rid of harmful substances.

Day Number One


  • A cup of hot lemon
  • A blend of apple, kale and broccoli to make a green juice


  • Squash soup


  • Stir-fry tofu

Day Number Two


  • A cup of hot lemon
  • A blend of apple, parsley,spinach and ginger to make a green juice


  • Soup made from pea and mint


  • Steamed veggies with a fresh cod

Day Number Three


  • A cup of hot lemon
  • A blend of orange, cucumber and watercress to make a green juice


  • Coriander and carrot soup


  • Roasted veggies with a poached salmon

Take note that you can have snacks in-between these days, but be sure that they are healthy. When it comes to snacks, you must select organic fruits and nuts.

Detox Water Essential For Your Health

Aside from the methods you must consider to have an effective detox cleanse, make sure to likewise know the so-called detox water. These infused drinks will help optimize your effort to get rid of any threats away from the body. Furthermore, they are only easy to prepare. They taste good and they truly work! Here are some of our detox water recipes that are yours for take taking:

You are going to need:

  • Slices of half lemon
  • Slices of orange
  • Three to five slices of cucumber
  • Mint leaves
  • Iced water

Mix all the ingredients and put them in the water. Let the mixture steep until all the flavors coming from the ingredients have settled in. The detox water has many benefits for the health. It does not only help in the prevention of the harmful substances. It likewise helps to make the skin look younger and clearer. However, drinking water in general can help get rid of problems when it comes to health.

Is A Detox Cleanse Safe For You?

Although any people have reported that detox is indeed helpful in eliminating harmful substance from the body, there are others who believe in the theory that not all the toxins are flushed away. These people think that the impurities only lodge in the digestive system, as well as in the skin and hair. This makes way for a person to feel tired. The idea behind a detox diet is to give up eating certain foods and introduce a new set of foods to eliminate the toxins from the body.

The main idea is to get rid of the bad substances, but many people beg to differ. They said that the human body is enough to purify itself. Either way, a detox cleanse can still help get rid of the impurities and help the body to completely be free from the dangers of the free radicals. The detox cleanse plan mentioned here can help you become healthier not just on the outside, but also from the inside.


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