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Flu is a sickness that affects people and prevent them in doing their activities of daily living. Flu may also trigger cough and fever, as well as chills, sore throat and nasal congestion. However, there are ways to help eliminate this problem and feel better.

Most people take over-the-counter medications for flu to get rid of the illness, but there are other ways to treat flu. Using natural remedies for flu, a person will get relief from the effects of flu symptoms. Take a look at these natural remedies to help treat flu symptoms.

Best Natural Remedies For Flu

Water – Water is perhaps the best solution to eliminate the symptoms of flu. Flu can leave a person dehydrated, particularly if diarrhea and vomiting take place. Make sure to get enough water. In addition to water, fluids like fruit juices and electrolyte drinks can diminish the effects of flu.


Rest – Complete rest is also important. You have to listen to what your body is manifesting. If it doesn’t feel like you need to go out, stay home and rest. Don’t force yourself too much in doing  daily chores, otherwise the condition will only worsen. Resting can help fight off infection.


Gargle – Gargling warm water with salt can help eliminate the deposit of thick mucus at the back of the throat, particularly if you’re lying down. Plus, gargling also helps to ease stuffy ears.


Eat soup – Soup is also good for people with flu, especially children. For decades, parents serve chicken soup to children who have flu. There are studies suggesting that chicken soup may alleviate the symptoms of flu and other upper respiratory tract infections.


Stay warm – Staying warm can help make the flu symptoms go away. You can try putting a warm compress on your forehead and nose. A warm cloth helps to relieve sinus pain as well as headache.


Shower – A warm shower also helps clear the nasal passages, as well as relax you. Remember that warm shower will facilitate effective nasal passages.

Sleep with extra pillow under your head – Another way to facilitate clear nasal passages is to put an extra pillow under your head. If you are not comfortable in adding another pillow your head, you can instead put the pillow under the mattress to have a gradual slope.


Consider these natural remedies to get rid of flu and go on with your activities of daily living without any impediment. Flu is easy to deal with, which is why these remedies are a must-do.

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