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Yerba buena is commonly known as “mint”. It has a variety of uses and it has aromatic flavor and properties. Since ancient times, Yerba Buena is being used for a myriad of health problems. It has remarkable health benefits that can even help prevent cancer.

Yerba Buena has a myriad of health benefits

Yerba Buena has a myriad of health benefits

This herb is a perennial plant that grows up to one meter in height. It has oblong-shaped leaves with rough margins. Yerba Buena can be found from North America to Asia, particular near the coasts. Because of the minty flavor it possesses, it is used for various culinary applications. It can often be found in salads for added flavors. In addition, the aroma this plant has is used in making fragrances and scents.

What Are The Benefits To Health Of Yerba Buena?

Aside from the aromatic scent of Yerba Buena, it is likewise known for its benefits for the health. It has medicinal properties that aid in the treatment if different illnesses. According to different research, Yerba Buena contains menthol, menthene, limonene and pulegone.

Here are the health benefits of Yerba Buena:

1. Bad breath – Yerba Buena’s minty scent helps to get rid of bad breath. Having a bad breath takes a toll to one’s confidence, which is why Yerba Buena is widely included among mouthwash products.

2. Insect bites – The leaves of Yerba Buena can be crushed and put onto insect bites and stings. This is to help prevent pain and itching. Likewise, it can help speed up recovery period.

3. Digestive problems – This herb is long used to provide relief from different digestive disorders sych as abdominal pain, indigestion, lack of appetite and gas passage.

4. Weight loss remedy – Did you know that Yerba Buena also acts as a remedy for weight loss? A tea made from Yerba Buena can be taken after meal. It helps improve digestion, and burn fats significantly.

5. Asthma – People with asthma can also have benefits from Yerba Buena. The minty scent that this herb has can alleviate asthma attacks. It works by calming the muscles of the lungs.

6. Relaxant – Mint tea helps facilitate a soothing relief. If a person is stressed at work and anxious, a cup of Yerba Buena tea can help. It is also used as vaporizers to calm the body.

7. Coughs and colds – The scent of Yerba Buena vaporizes the clogged nasal passage because of the accumulated phlegm. It helps relieve inflammation. Furthermore, Yerba Buena can be used as an expectorant.

The health remedies mentioned above are only some of the benefits that Yerba Buena can bring. Make sure to include this in your everyday life if you want to maintain health at its optimal state.

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