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Sambong is plant widely considered as an herbal medicine. It grows in East and Southeast Asian countries. This plant resembles the appearance of weed and it grows with little to no care. It is said that sambong smells and tastes like camphor. Also, this plant possesses properties that help in cleansing the kidney.

Sambong is plant widely considered as an herbal medicine

Sambong is plant widely considered as an herbal medicine

The leaves of the sambong plant can be used fresh or dried. In the Philippines, the sambong plant is listed by the Department of Health as one of the top 10 most effective herbs that treat different illnesses. Even in China and Thailand, sambong is used for different health disorders.

The tea made from sambong is used for the treatment of kidney stones and a hypertension cure. Furthermore, it is considered to fight off diarrhea, as well as cure for cold and UTI (urinary tract infections).

What Are The Major Benefits Of Sambong?

1. Helps lower blood pressure – Sambong may help in lowering blood pressure. It acts by removing excess sodium from the blood. Sodium is known to increase the blood pressure resulting to hypertension.

2. Acts as a diuretic – It is known to work as a diuretic. It helps flush excess fluid from the body through the form of urine. Therefore, sambong can help prevent fluid retention.

3. Sore throat relief – Sambong also acts as an expectorant. It aids in eliminating phlegm and mucus. It is believed that this herb can help cure common cold and fever.

4. Serves as an analgesic – Drinking sambong tea can also help relieve pain, especially after dental operations.

5. Cure stomach ache – If you are suffering from diarrhea, stomach pain and spasm, drinking sambong tea is a good idea. It helps soothe the stomach and treat any of these problems.

6. Source of antioxidants – It is known that sambong also has flavonoids. These are pigments from plants that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are know to fight off free radicals within the body and boost the immune system.

Warnings Before Using Sambong

Never use sambong if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although there’s no sufficient studies about the effects of this plant to pregnant women and breastfeeding moms, it is imperative to avoid it. Also, it might cause allergic reaction such as skin irritation and itching. So, people with hypersensitivity to plants like this must avoid it.

Sambong is a good herbal remedy for you. It packs several effects that you wanted to optimize health. Plus, it virtually doesn’t have any side effects. Try considering using sambong, because of its amazing benefits for the health.

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