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Using Pure Liquid Goat Milk to Whitens the Skin

goat milk
When I am still living with my cousin in Cavite few years ago, I got the chance to meet a new friend in Andrea compound while playing basketball. She is actually the sister of our teammate (Ivan) and she really looks beautiful because of her smoother and whiter...
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Aging: A Ticking Clock

Many people don’t really understand what aging means. Some of them think that you simply grow old and the years in your life adds up and wrinkles appear. Some say that aging is related to the diseases that you are experiencing like arthritis, which is said to be...
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What is Fulfilled Aging?

People aged; people changed, so the saying goes by. There are some activities that aging people can’t do as compared before – their young days. Thus, active aging arises. The practice of enhancing prospects for health, involvement as well as security in order to improve worth of existence...
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Not Forgetting Alzheimer’s Disease

The Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type or the SDAT is progressive neurologic illness of the brain which destroy neurons causing permanent damage to mental abilities, memory loss and depreciated reasoning, that if reach severity can impede normal social and human functions. This ailment builds-up the so-called tangles...
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