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Pansit-Pansitan And Its Surprising Health Benefits

Pansit-pansitan is an herb commonly found in gardens, but is used for its medicinal values. This herb can be consumed with or without cooking. Also, it has taken its niche in the herbal medicine as a great way to fight arthritis, gout and other related inflammatory conditions. This...
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Amazing Health Benefits Of Yerba Buena (Mint)

Yerba buena is commonly known as “mint”. It has a variety of uses and it has aromatic flavor and properties. Since ancient times, Yerba Buena is being used for a myriad of health problems. It has remarkable health benefits that can even help prevent cancer. This herb is...
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The Health Benefits Of Gulasiman (Purslane)

Gulasiman is perhaps one of the most underrated vegetables that  bring amazing health benefits. Some people may not know it, but gulasiman is actually a type of vegetable. Most likely, its weed-like appearance is the main reason why people don’t consider it and don’t include it in their...
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Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth Naturally

Everybody loves to achieve whiter teeth. But not everyone can do it. There are several ways to whiten teeth. Some of these methods work, but some are just empty promises waiting for you to spend money. Most of the time, cheap over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions are not effective....
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Completely Treat Flu The Natural Way

Flu is a sickness that affects people and prevent them in doing their activities of daily living. Flu may also trigger cough and fever, as well as chills, sore throat and nasal congestion. However, there are ways to help eliminate this problem and feel better. Most people take...
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Useful Home Remedies To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Some times, taking the prescribed medication is not the best possible course. There are times when natural remedies can solve the problem regarding a particular disease, in this case, urinary tract infection (UTI). You can get rid of UTI even at home. It doesn’t require any doctor’s prescription...
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