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The Health Benefits Of Gulasiman (Purslane)

Gulasiman is perhaps one of the most underrated vegetables that  bring amazing health benefits. Some people may not know it, but gulasiman is actually a type of vegetable. Most likely, its weed-like appearance is the main reason why people don’t consider it and don’t include it in their...
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Proven Medicinal Health Benefits of Cayenne or Capsicum

For the past thousand years, countless of Chinese and Native Americans have been using Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum) as one of the best natural solutions to treat various health issues. Because of containing powerful substances that benefits the body greatly, health experts consider this spice as among the best...
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Proven Natural Home Remedies to Eliminate Bad Breath

bad breath
Bad breath (halitosis) is a kind of disappointing medical condition for the affected person. It usually happens when a person eats flavored foods with strong odor like garlic, onions and more. Other issues that trigger this kind of concern include improper dental hygiene, tobacco smoking and certain diseases....
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List of Diseases that Can Be Treated Using Turmeric

turmeric -4
If we talk about the most popular spices on earth, we cannot deny the fact that Turmeric is among the best. This particular herb is one of the favorite choices in preparing delectable cuisines worldwide. One reason is it provides the exact warm and peppery taste, which makes...
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Proven Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn or Acid Reflux

There are important questions to answer in discovering the best home remedies for heartburn today. The first one involves on how to treat your heartburn or acid reflux symptom quickly because it affects your normal lifestyle. The second one involves on how to continue eating your favorite Italian,...
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