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Whitening Your Teeth with Baking Soda

When I was still living with the aunt in Carmen Ville, I remember what she did to keep her teeth healthy and shiny. Auntie Consuelo is actually using baking soda to cleanse her teeth after brushing with toothpaste. I was actually in elementary then and whenever she brushes...
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Words That Can Affect Your Child’s Development

As parents, we are all aiming for the better development of our children but in some instances, we are so oblivious that the little words we are saying become the ways of the resentment and uncertainty to invade their mind. There are lots of words that our mouth...
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Infertility among Men

It is one of our common mistakes to blame the women whenever there is a problem in having offspring but actually, there are also some instances that men can contribute in this by being infertile. When there is infertility to a certain man, it will be ideal and...
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Diagnosing and Treatment of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is detected by means of a comprehensive assessment together with intelligence, educational, as well as speech or else language assessments. The assessments made use of in detecting dyslexia are supposed to as well consist of observations, input as of teachers along with parents, breakdown of student work...
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