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Cause and Prevention of Dyslexia

At hand are a number of several speculations on the subject of the causes of dyslexia which each and every one have a propensity to have the same opinion that it is a hereditary situation that alters how the brain doles out among the information, furthermore that it...
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What are the Symptoms of Dyslexia?

Are you having hard times of reading? Letters are dancing; numbers are crawling as well as words as scrambled? Well then, you might have dyslexia. How to know? Here are the warning signs. Warning sign of dyslexia possibly will take account of communicative verbal communication troubles or else...
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Ovarian Cysts

ovarian cysts
A cyst is a closed sac-like shape, an abnormal pocket of fluid, comparable towards a blister that holds liquid, gaseous otherwise semi-solid substantial. A cyst is to be found within a tissue and can grow somewhere in the body as well as it possibly will differ in size...
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Difficulty in Eliminating Bowels? – Constipation

Have you ever experience the feeling of you want to release something but you can’t? The feeling of wanting to discharge somewhat but you feel that in some touch, there is also holding such? Do you already know what I am referring to? Yes, you are correct! Constipation...
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The Importance of DNA

Deoxyribonucleic Acid or simply DNA looks like a twisted ladder and often described as a double helix. The nitrogen bases are the rings of the DNA while the sugar and the phosphate molecules make up its backbone. It lies in the nucleus of every cell in our body....
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Genetic Engineering

genetic engineering
The chemical messages of our DNAs holds our definite characteristics like the color of our eyes, skin, hair, our facial features, the nose, lips, shape of face, dimples, height, and others. Besides this thins, it also fascinates the scientists and the field of science because of this molecule’s...
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The World of Medicine

Whenever we feel we’re going to throw up, whenever we feel hot, whenever we have a cold or a cough, whenever we are being attacked by allergies, we take those tablets and syrups to stop all of these or consult a doctor. In other words, we look for...
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Cloning: Its advantages

Have you already watched the movie terminator? In which the main character of the movie turns out to be one or more copies? Cloning is a method of producing an accurate duplicate of a particular genetic material, cell or even human being. The copies formed in the course...
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All about Stem Cell

stem cell
Stem Cell is a form of cell that is able to construct whichever sort of cell necessary to make an organism. When a stem cell splits, one original cell that falls out can maintain a stem cell whereas the other new cell turns out to be a usual...
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